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  1. So I would like to go over the main stuff in this plugin in a chat for faster replies, but basically its a plugin that is like craftbook but less huge. Its more like you can name things like potions add a crafting recipy and lengthen the time. Also little extras like changing mob health and adding lots of little things from a lot of different plugins to make the best plugin ever, I realize this would take a while, but please atleast finish reading this post and reply.

    - Custom Plugin Additions
    - Possibly Premade Builds to /build
    - /health set Player (Number/20) Up to like 1000
    - /armor strenght set (up to 1000)
    - /boss create (mobtype), (hp), (attack), (potion type if witch)
    In config
    Types of bows
    Regular bow (Strenght) (distance shootable)
    Strong Bow " " " "
    Super Bow ...
    Potion bow (Shoots potions)

    I have a long list of ideas, but i hope this has grabbed your attention to the point you will ask for more information in which case i will post more information.
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    vipersickwith000 You know that you can disable each and every part of craftbook?
  4. I just meant in a conversation, I will do it here to though Im sorry let me fix that sorry, been a while since i was last on the forums, my computer was stolen so ... ya ... all excuses aside sorry , I just meant it more like it would be easier talking in a chat , i can make it open invite so its public.

    Yes, but some things im thinking of arent included in it, i think that many server owners would love this plugin as i would love it on my server i really hope someone will make this someday.

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    You can request more features to craftbook. Everything here is either already possible or on the todo list.
  6. Me4502
    Cool, can I report a problem too you, when I use it on my server when people sit down on a chair they are fine, but when they try to get of it says nope and they are kicked and cannot get back on, Is it just craftbook outdated?
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    That's a bukkit bug. If you use the latest ProtocolLib it fixes it

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