Plugin like this but to force a % chance magma_cube size 16 when spawn.

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Jabberwockie, May 29, 2021.

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    Hi. Thanks for looking at this plugin request/suggestion.
    Realy need a plugin that alters the spawn size of magma_cube to 16 based on chance in a config
    or even 100 % chance every time with no config. Whatever is easier.
    I am using Mc 1.16.5 (Paper)

    Tried... Nope.

    I recently poked about in a tiny (3150 Bytes!) plugin called ChargedCreeper (v1.0.2)
    It ma
    kes a config file that sets a % chance for creepers to spawn as powered creepers instead.
    Config has 1 line only. "spawn-chance: 10" This works fine in 1.16.5 (Paper version git-Paper-565)
    Poking about in spigot javadocs I tried to change the plugin to cause magma_cube size:16
    but it does not seem to have a place for that in the ChargedCreeper .class file I opened. (Class Editor)

    Can you please make a tiny plugin like the ChargedCreeper
    but to force a % chance magma_cube to spawn as size:16 instead?

    Other plugins a bit like this.

    There was a plugin called Giants that caused Giant Zombies, Giant Slime and Giant Magma Cubes
    with config, abilities etc. Was very nice with Giant Trees/Giant Caves plugin.
    This broke and was quite glitchy when it did work. Awesome fun with heavy hitting spells though.
    I use TallNether plugin. 256 high. Big magma cubes in this very high nether would be excellent.
    I think a huge magma cube tiny plugin would be a popular plugin with new nether content!


    Giants (Bukkit original.)
    Giants (Spigot remake. Smaller file size than old bukkit version. Works for 1.16+)
    MassiveMagmas :cool:(You? ???
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    Seems fairly simple I can get this done later today.
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    This is the plugin

    Command to reload the config: /bmcreload - You need to be OP to use this command
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    @gochi9 [31.05 11:24:28] [Server] [INFO] [BiggerMagmaCube] Enabling BiggerMagmaCube v1.0*
    Enabled indeed! :D Tiny file size very impressive also. Very kind of you to make this and so fast too.
    Config set as 100% they all spawn that size. Reload works fine. You should release this public. Ty again!
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