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    Max Sweatt

    So i have been playing my server for a while, and I thought up some cool plugin ideas that may make the minecraft multiplayer expirience a whole lot better.

    1. Physical Money. It lets OP's give players server money. Its like iConomy, only its a real block.

    2. EasyProtect. It lets Server Admins to make it so a certain block cant be destroyed, placed, or spawned.

    3. Homes. It lets players designate a home (using a wand of some sort) and mark it as their territory which makes sure people cant break it. This plugin is making sure to avoid something like this:
    /area set <X>,<Y>,<Z>
    /Area <NAME>
    /Area Protect

    And make it more like this:
    (Click the two points)

    Thanks for listening to the ideas. PM me if you're going to make one. I would love to get a copy!
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    idk the names but a lot (if not all) of those ideas have already been made into plugins...
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    Max Sweatt

    I dont know about the first one though
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    For the first idea, I have heard of people using cookies as they are hard to make and they stack.
    When you join, you get a certain amount of cookies, and you can spend them however.
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    Max Sweatt

    The only problem is that they can eat them.

    Buts its still a good idea

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