[Plugin Idea] Kill players with unsufficient experience

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Autom3, Apr 29, 2012.

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    Hello everyone, and thank you in advance for taking the time to read this, and maybe even help me out.
    I'm looking for a person that can write bukkit plugins, and wants to take the time to write one for me.
    What I am expecting from the plugin:
    • Automatically kill players that have less than a set amount of experience.
    • Have an option in the .yml file to set the amount of time in between the kills (in minutes, or if possible in the format: xhxmxs; with x being user input).
    • Have an option to broadcast a message (if possible) a variable time (like above) before the killing will commence.
    • (Not necessarily) A command to alter all the above and to do the killing whenever you want as an op.
    • Have a an option to turn on a command for non-ops to check their experience amount.
    (Details on experience: Link to MinecraftWiki)

    Example for .yml:
    amount of experience to check: 225
    time interval between killing (in minutes): 20
    Broadcast message: true
    Time between broadcast and killing (in minutes):  5
    non-ops can use the experience check command: true
    I hope this is possible for any of you out there and not too much asked; Thank you again!
    Greetings, Autom3
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    May I ask what this is for?
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    Competition between my friends?
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    I would like to code it for you, but i have two questiones:
    1. what should stand in the broadcastmessage
    2. what is "amount of experience to check:" ? Do you mean levels or the real value, that you cannot see ingame
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    1. Something like: "5 minutes left until experience checking will start. Make sure you have more than (amount of experience to check * times the experience has been checked)"
    2. The first time it checks the experience (total, the real value. 225 by default = ingame lvl 10), it will kill all people that have less than the set amount of experience * 1. The second time it will check for the set amount * 2. Third time: amount * 3. And so on, and so on.
    So its the total amount, the experience that you can't exactly see ingame.​
    (for anyone that would want to know, in my setup: If you die, you'll get banned until the next game, then you will be unbanned.)
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    This sounds interesting, pure survival =) let me know how it works when u get it and if u would like to make it public, i might implement something like this as well
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    ok, i will code it, but i have 2,5 other projects running... but maby i can manage it

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