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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Kegan187, Jan 30, 2011.

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    I am new to developing plugins, and I was wondering if there is a hook for.... Well I don't know. What I want to make is a plugin that you can type /cactus 20 and then all the cacti in a 20 block radius of you gets uprooted, or what ever, and turned into mini-blocks. Is there a hook for that yet / has there ever been? Thanks

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    I think you just have to check all blocks in a 20x20x4 box around the player and check if that block is a cactus.
    If so, destroy it and spawn a cactus. Dunno if there is a hook to uproot a plant.
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    K, and I am sorry if I sound like an idiot. I am completely new to developing plugins.
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    Wait, what hooks would I have to use for that then? Or is there like a webpage for all the hooks in bukkit?
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    Also, do I load up Craftbukkit.jar or both that and Minecraft-server.jar into my external jars?
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    Joshua Burt

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    okay ty Joshua
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