Plugin for village type server (only allows certain groups to mine, farm etc)

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    I am looking for a plugin that I can use on my village server where it restricts people in a farmers group from cutting down trees to get wood but allows them to buy it from the person whose profession it is to cut down the trees and then use it for their house, etc. This would apply to any other profession like mining, farming, hunting, etc.

    Are there any plugins out there that have this capability?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I haven't seen anything in pex that lets me configure it like that, but ill keep looking
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    You can setup RPG-like classes using Heroes.
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    Ill take a look, thanks

    Modifyworld that comes with worldguard (i think) allows me to configure block permissions

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    ModifyWorld is part of the PermissionsEx bundle. ModifyWorld is to only be used with PEX to set permissions for building on entire worlds. WorldGuard lets you just protect regions inside worlds.

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