Plugin for losing random enchants on death

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Sickc, Jun 3, 2024.

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    Pretty straigth forward if possible an option (turned off by default so you dont have to use it) for other enchant plugins support (like Enchants squared and Advanced enchants). Prefferably put on spigot, bukkit or curseforge.
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    Not enough detail. Follow the request template.

    One enchant from one random item?
    A random number of enchants from a random selection of items?
    Each item loses one random enchant?

    Which is it?

    What's the Enchants Squared / Advanced Enchants hook for?
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    The third idea you listed is was i was going for, but removing a single level of an enchantment from each item could work too(try making whatever is easier).

    About the plugins they add custom enchants in different ways for example Enchants squarred adds them to Item.tag.PublicBukkitValues.enchantssquared:es_enchantments and inside leaves a string with two numbers divided by a colon for each enchantment divided by semicolon for multiple enchantments example "42:1;7:1" . So removing that would be extra work, that you might not want to add support because of and im fine if you dont.

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