Plugin Development - A HUGE tutorial!

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Adamki11s, Apr 29, 2011.


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    A slight problem with your tutorial: you can't save Hashmaps with things such as Players and Blocks in them, they don't implement the Serializable Interface.
  2. Apologies for that, someone wrote that tutorial, not me.
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    Hi great looking tutorial on first look. I am new to java, but have been an on/off hobby programmer for years. nothing serious, just learning enough to get by. while looking at the various versions of the Java IDE's, you make no mention of which version is needed, or a minimum java language recommendation. Is getting a version supporting Java EE required for plugin development, or is the basic Java acceptable?

  5. The Java SE (Standard) is fine.
  6. Bump for newbies :D
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    Honestly I don't see why this isn't stickied in -Resources-, at the very least.
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    Just want to say thanks. This was the only guide I needed to get started on making plugins. A fine job.
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  9. Thanks :D
    I suggested that this got stickied, not for my own benefit but for others and I was told : "Don't ask for your thread to be stickied. If a mod thinks a thread should be sticked then it will.". Or something along those lines.
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    Well crap I'll tell them to sticky it.
    Just let me figure out how to do that...
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    Great tutorial
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    Not sure but either works
  13. Alright, I'm downloading the IDE for Java EE Dev's now.
  14. I'd recommend the IDE for Java Developers.
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    The difference are the plugins which are installed. The Java EE (Enterprise Edition) has more plugins included for Java Web Applications, Data Management, Eclipse Plugins, etc...

    For beginners I'd recommend the "Eclipse IDE for Java Developers" because it has less features and is therefore less confusing.
  16. Thank you for clearing this up!
  17. Is it still really under development :O
    EDIT: Oh dang it is. Saw the new sections, A+!
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    This tutorial has been extremely helpful as I've started learning how to code bukkit plugins. Its always been something I've wanted to do, and now this tutorial is definitely making that a possibility! It is still a little confusing as to what some of the code does (or maybe its just me, I'm not the best with java), but it definitely helps get you closer to developing your own plugins. Thanks for taking the time to make this tutorial!
  19. You're very welcome, glad it helped :D
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    yah adam, this tutorial was very helpful for me back when i first started, i even linked to it on my website
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    I heard that there is no difference between a configuration file and properties file so why are both on there? and the config one looks a lot easier.
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    I just added a section about referencing the Bukkit javadocs so they are accessible within Eclipse. Tell me what you think!
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    thanks now i might be able to make my You Wana Be a Wolf plugin
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  25. Looks very thorough; I'm sure many people will appreciate it. Thanks!
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    So informational!
    I can say only i dont develop Java but I understand something. That means something that the tutorial is good!
  27. :D
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    Added a section on exporting to jar :) It's a pretty simple thing but newbies might be tripped up by this step
  29. ;)
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