Plugin Development - A HUGE tutorial!

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Adamki11s, Apr 29, 2011.


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    Looking good so far. Cant wait to see it completed
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  4. Why so bad? I'm just linking people to a place where they can learn
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    I really hate the style. Moreover, programming tutorials are supposed to be in written form, preferably electronic so you can copy and paste.
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  6. @nickguletskii
    Well I only posted that for the people who are just starting out, most people looking to develop plugins have a basic understanding of Java and while I have the time to make a detailed plugin making tutorial, I don't have the time to teach the Java Language. If you could provide some other links I'd be happy to use them.

    EDIT : Posted more tutorial Links :
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    And I stopped reading right there. Keyword. "I" really hate that style. That is your preference, not others. If you're just copying and pasting you're not really nailing down what you're learning. You can learn a ton from someone actually talking to you, as well as if you were to just read. Both ways are viable.

    If you actually write down the code, you're reinforcing it into memory as you are typing it. Rather than copy paste, boom results. ohh yay...

    This guy has gone out of his way to create what has a LOT of potential. I'm loving this tutorial. Keep up the good work. Don't let haters ruin it.
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  9. Thanks :D

    I added more written and video tutorials anyway. I'm just writing up the next section on saving and loading from files etc..
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    Did I state that it shouldn't be there? No. Your argument is invalid.
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    Wow that is an awesome tutorial. Thanks so much!
  12. Added File Handling. Loading, Saving, Reading & Writing!
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    Why do you cast the playerListener to a Listener? There is no reason to do so...
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    @nickguletskii Bucky (The New Boston) is a great teacher, he is funny (very important in any kind of teaching) and he uses a good structure for the tutorials...
  15. When I use eclipse I get warnings so that is what I am used to doing. It may be unnecessary but it doesn't cause any problems :p
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    I don't get any errors or warnings. You shouldn't get any at all because BasicPlayerListener extends PlayerListener which extends Listener and the compiler can convert naturally without any problems.
  17. I don't get them any more weird :p I'll remove the castings, thanks
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    It really didn't do any harm (since it casts it anyway but not in the same manner) but it's less code and more understandable for beginners if they haven't gone into casting yet.
    EDIT: Noticed you have a Double.parseBoolean(String) in the tutorial. Something that also requires fixing.
  19. Yeah, I understand, thanks again for telling me :)
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    Looks great so far buddy, excited to see it finished
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    Personally I do not like this thread.
    All this enthusiasm and work should go to Wiki, not a forum post.
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    I agree, forum posts can get lost easily....
  23. Ok....So make a wiki and then what, just post a link to it from here?

    Also @Plague you don't like the content? Or you don't like the fact that it's not in a wiki?
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    Thank you for this :)
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    I don't like that it's a forum post and not a wiki.
  26. @Plague ok, I'd like to move this over to a wiki but could some please explain to me how to do it. Also how would I link other people to it, eg so people can see it on the forums or something?
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    Erwyn LENS

    good work Adamki11s, community is lucky having people like you, spending so much time explaining others how to do.

    Keep up the good work

    ps: just one question, I didn(t know the onCommand, I usually use onPlayerCommandPreprocess, but onCommand seems to be far more better. Do you place the onCommand method in a listener or in the main file of the plugin?
  28. Thanks :)

    the onCommand method goes in your main file. It's better than using on_command_preprocess :D
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    maybe how to update the plugin? i know alot of peaple dont know...
  30. HashMap tutorial coming next :D

    Like an auto-updating feature?

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