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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Laserhog, Oct 26, 2011.

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    I don't think they should. In my opinion, it encourages users to upload. (Which can get abused though)

    If they remove it, there'd be a whole new flaming discussion to Bukkit:
    "BukkitDev, now this? What's up Bukkit?"

    Some users would be glad it's gone. Others would be crying about it. As almost everybody already flames BukkitDev, I find no reason to have another "debate that isn't needed.
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    <3 Its my stunningly amazing red and black avatar, isn't it~
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    I could go on with a rank about this. But I'm going to keep this short.

    Age has nothing to do with anything in this situation. It is maturity. If you were still going to bash tweleve year-olds, at least say "immature 12 year olds," because I know many people who are much older than twelve, and more immature.
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    Its a combination of a few things actually. Choice of name + avatar help. But I also pay attention to what people release and how they conduct themselves ;)
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    I always assumed the point of the plugin developer title was to inform people that the person behind the post at least has a basic grasp of what the crap they are talking about with regards to plugins. I wanted it because I heard there was a special bukkit+ forum that only plugin developers could use and I was afraid I might be missing out on something important. I wasn't really. In my opinion it should be up to the user to decide whether they are a server host, a plugin developer or a player, it shouldn't be a badge of honor. Only a weirdo would pick a plugin developer title if they don't actually develop plugins anyway.
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    While perhaps a little insensitive, I don't think the comment was really meant to specifically attack every single twelve-year-old and no eleven- or thirteen-year-olds. He's just referring to immature people in general.

    Yeah, maybe he should have said "immature people," but he didn't, and it's not really necessary to go around jumping down people's throats because you're processing their exact words instead of their meaning.

    On topic, what was the plugin developer tag ever supposed to mean? To me, it means that the user has released a plugin. The label doesn't say "Right Hand of the Lord" or anything.
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    But there will always be that guy who thinks that having a Plugin Developer or Server Host tag immediately makes them a more intelligent and respected person. Getting rid of all tags besides forum administrators' tags will solve this issue. No one will feel that releasing a half-assed plugin suddenly makes them as kewl and uber as sk89q or Afforess. Like I mentioned earlier in the thread, true popularity and respect comes to those that deserve it, not to everyone with a shiny name tag.
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    i like the idea of picking what you 'are'. it takes all the value out of it when everyone knows you just chose it...but it lets you know whos who around the forum. people can also choose to not have a title if they dont want to give people an extra reason to private msg them about plugin requests or random help.

    on a slightly different note, what happens when the releases and submissions sections are removed from here? do all the 'devs' on bukkitdev get a title here or are the only people here with titles going to be 'legacy' title holders? that might make them ever moar important and kewl omg :p
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    I was referring to this, and a bit of this.
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    Removing features or honors rarely works out for the best.

    Don't remove the "PluginDeveloper" tag. Add new honors that inspire the 'lowly' junk-plugin developers. Add various Awesome Plugin Developer tags which show even higher levels of dedication or renown.

    For example, allow those who download a plugin to give feedback on it. Average it out and show their current or their highest rank earned. PDs could progress from the laughable "Empty Bucket" to the nascent "Milk Bucket" to the respectable "Water Bucket" to the famous "Lava Bucket" with more and more positive feedback.

    Again, a subtractive attitude (get rid of X, it sucks) is so much easier and limited than an additive attitude (fix X by taking it to the next level).
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    @halley how do you determine what level they should get
    1) Support to users - offset by most users on here being pants on head retarded
    2) Originality - offset by someone making a plugin that is more efficient at the same task
    3) Amount - offset by people making a bunch of small plugins vs a big one
    4) Quality (being bug lite) - offset by rigorous testing (time) from either the community or moderators
    5) Efficiency - offset by having someone actually delve into the code (extremely time consuming)

    now mix any of these into the fact that the moderator staff is having a hard time as it is keeping up with all of the submissions for what they are currently doing, they would need 3-4x the staff for a system like this

    and don't just give moderators arbitrary control over it as each one will have their own opinions, it needs to be laid down so if it needs to be reviewed it can be as opposed to arbitrary rules

    Now with the different levels you will get more people stealing plugins and submitting them to get the higher status which is another problem that is currently ongoing in the forums

    Removing the plugin developer tag would alleviate time and aggravation as they would no longer have to change the tag and people are less likely to steal a plugin since there is no gain, as some people think this tag means more than it should
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    Just can the thing. It doesn't bring anything useful to the table.
    Its only effect is more people making god-mode and creeper-block plugins to get a shiny dev tag.
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    Soo, would it be possible for me to develop a plugin or two and NOT get the title?
    I have one thats simple, but seems original and I would like to share it. Its in testing right now.

    I don't want the title though, because a plugin or two dosn't make me a full-time developer.
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    @xmagicx60 i suppose you could ask a mod to remove the tag after the fact
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    @mindless728 Okay. Well, The other reason I don't want it is that it (will) conflict with my avatar. (Yes, I have one, but havne't uploaded it)

    I'm a color freak.
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    It's a bit overrated.
    People are like: OH WOW HE'S A DEV! WOOOOH!
    And that results in them either
    1. Stealing a plugin
    2. Making a useless plugin (or one that has been made a 1000 times)
    3. Actually learning java and making awesome plugins (Hmm.. Where have I seen this before..)
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    Nathan C

    So true.

    Half of these people with dev tags don't know jack about Java coding. Now I'll admit that I don't know much at all about Java, but I am not going to go and get a dev tag for the sake of having it.
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    Point 3 didn't work for me, unless my plugins are useless with over 800 downloads D:
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    my plugins are not used much (hence the lack of updating them), but my main plugin was working with fluid dynamics to create more realistic fluids
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    Dont need to fancy name to know im cool!
    ... right? :(
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