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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Laserhog, Oct 26, 2011.

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    It seems that the Plugin Developer title has lost all its meaning and gets passed out to anyone who makes a new plugin and submits it into the Plugin Submissions forum. Why is this? I remember when it used to be a prestigious title that people worked towards but now it looks like the standards have fallen or the mods just don't care who gets it any more.
    This bugs me as i was looking forward to working towards making good and useful plugins but now it seems that the motivation of a title showing my status has been removed from it being tossed around so easily.
    I really wish some requirements had to be met before a person gets this title so maybe the status that it holds may be rescued.
    This is my opinion and please feel free to comment and tell me your opinion, whether you agree or disagree.
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    Welcome to the Internet: Littered with fame-seeking 12 year olds.
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    I'm proud to not have a Plugin Developer title.
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    Doesn't this topic come into existence at least once a month? Or at least regularly enough that I'm bored of it.

    It always come down to one argument: Most people agree some people don't deserve it, but no one can think of a better system than "If you have released a plugin you get it" (Which I'm sure was always the system). Any other method of awarding requires some kind of judgement of the "value" of a author's plugins by whoever awards it, and thus is inherently bias and unfair.

    Therefore any value you ever assigned it was purely your own perception. While we are all sad that it has been shattered, no one can fix that.
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    Who are you actually considering a fame seeking 12 yr old?
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    I agree I have seen some "Plugin Devs" that seem to have no idea what they're doing.

    Maybe changing the big flashy purple banner to something simple would be better?

    Plugin Developer

    Just put that below the names.
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    I say get rid of it completely, as anyone can make (or rip off) a tnt blocking plugin
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    1. if(user.developsPlugin){
    2. user.setPluginDev(true);

    Simple as that.
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    So by that logic even someone who recreates another useless anti griefer plugin, *cough*, should be given the title? Thats just encouraging more and more useless plugins that are just duplicates of each other .
    Sorry, but your logic is flawed mate.
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    1. if((user.developsPlugin) && (!plugin.equals("crap")) && (!plugin.equals("unoriginal")){
    2. user.isPluginDev();
    3. else
    4. user.setNoob(true);
    5. }

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    His logic is 100% correct. He isn't saying that he agrees with the system, he is only saying what is true.

    The Plugin Developer tag gives many a "holier-than-thou" attitude. Removing it altogether is the best option, as the truly great developers will be recognized by name and not by color.
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    Yes, you can decompile a plugin, take some of the code, change some variables;

    Re-Release it, Re-Name it;

    +1 to title.
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    Imho we could get rid of it altogether, now that bukkitdev exists and the forum as a release platform gets phased out. Just make the "my plugins" tab on the users profiles work (which is currently useless) instead.
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    Don Redhorse

    well... if you take the visuable tag aside... there is also the plugin developer group which give people certain perks..

    the solution is simple... I think...

    a) people create a plugin, if it is original... go... if it is not original.. put him on probition
    b) after not creating a plugin for a certain time (this time an original) you remove the status again.
    c) after not having an active plugin a certain time remove the status again.

    I know that means more work.. but otherwise you can't give developers access to areas other people don't have.

    The plugin part @Evenprime mentioned is nice.. this still would need some cleanup from time to time as a lot of developers just disappear..

    but there are changes coming... I just don't know which ones..
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    yeah because what the bukkit moderating team needs is more work, as it stands they are already lagging in approving projects now, I am still all for the get rid of the tag because it works

    as for the special part of the forum for developers, Bukkit+, just change the name of it and put it out there as a normal forum. With the amount of developers (good and bad), it hardly matters that only developers can see it
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    Who gets to judge what is original? If someone writes a plugin that does very similarly to another, but much more efficiently, does that count as unoriginal, even if the new plugin is much better for servers? What about when a plugin author drops off the map, and since their plugin is open source someone else starts maintaining it. Is that less worthy than the original plugin. Should the new maintainer go on probation. Are they not technically developing the plugin?

    While there are obviously issues with people copying plugins for no reason except getting a little badge (and access to some extra forums), having decisions that are based on who ever is awarding the plugins judgement call of whether something is "original" (or "good", or "worthwhile", or any other potential criteria I can thing of) is a system that is IMO inherently flawed much more severely than the current system.

    I agree with those that say drop the badge, just have a link to their plugins on BukkitDev. And either have the "developer" sections of the forum only open to people with noPlugins > n, or just open to everyone (maybe even read only to people without > n. Not sure. That would either allow them to see they aren't missing anything in these "secret" sections, or just tempt them more).
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    Don Redhorse

    another tnt / log / don't place / maintained plugin = probation... (Heck I maintain 3 atm IIRC...)
    or even make it better by putting EVERY new developer on probation... and add the actual ones too to make them move to dev.bukkit.

    if a developer updates the plugin not only to a new RB, but also enhances the plugin or creates a plugin which is something different and also has a dev.bukkit site = fullblown developer..

    if the plugins a developer has become inactive for a longer time = normal user..

    I think that should cover most cases... and maintaining a plugin is a lot of the time very easy... changing it, enhancing it can be very hard so..
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    If a person develops a plugin, they are a plugin developer. If a person develops a shitty plugin they are still a plugin developer, they are just a plugin developer that develops shitty plugins. If the title was "Really Awesome Plugin Developer Who Comes Up With Unique Plugins" then I would understand the confusion, but its not, its simply "Plugin Developer". Just because some turds on the internet attach prestige to something doesn't actually make it prestigious, it just means there are turds on the internet.

    Edit: For that matter, I develop plugins for my own server and don't distribute them, does that mean that I am not a plugin developer?
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    Is this a trick question? You have the title so you must be!

    At the same time guys, you have to consider the limited moderation that the forums/bukkitdev has. A plugin takes a long time to get accepted on bukkitdev as it is, adding more work will just slow everything down. I honestly think that it should be removed completely. @aPunch is correct, good developers will be recognized by name.
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    I agree as well. Just pull the fancy status altogether. Anyone who has been here a while already knows who are Ace plugin dev's and who are just here for the tag while they're learning/copying/pissing around.
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    And I'm not one of them... I need the tag or no one will love me... :'(
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    meh, most of us will be like that, though my public development has ceased so i really shouldn't have the tag anyways

    @luciddream if you only started releasing private plugins for yourself then maybe you shouldn't have the tag (i am in the same boat), i say this because yes you develop plugins but not for the community which is what the tag is for IMO

    on topic, as i have said in many threads, including this one, just get rid of the damn tag. It's the easiest amount of work
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    Actually your among the names/avatars I pick out very quickly.
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    Hear, hear.

    I lol'ed sooo bad because that's true in almost every forum. That's why I abolished ranks in mine.

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    user.setPluginDev(true) would be a lot more reasonable than.... that.
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    It was probably designed for literal fags because if you read it, it says: "If user develops plugin, user is plugin dev".
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    how do you make the colourful code?
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    Put your code between
    [syntax=java]Code Here[/syntax]
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    Plugins recreated that are still being developed should be declined immediately. I could easily go on YouTube and find tutorials for TNT blocking plugins.

    One thing that might be cool is to create a new section for topics called "Mod Submissions." Users could upload Mods and get a blue badge: "Mod Developer." ..... Just an idea. >.<
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    or we can just do away with the tags all together (except for staff)
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