Plugin Developer tag phased out!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Windwaker, Dec 5, 2011.

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    Wow, so they finally did it after all. Good riddance, it brought nothing but trouble. I know it had good intentions but all it did was get people to develop low quality plugins that took up space. So I guess.... Thanks you :)

    (I do miss my purple name a bit though :( )
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    We're working on getting a replacement of some sorts ready, but as also mentioned in the thread, Bukkit+ lives on.

    More information on that is coming, as well.
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    What trouble? I don't see what the issue was with them..
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    It brought low quality plugins to Bukkit because the system created a motive to make crappy plugins.
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    Heheh now our CSS doesnt show up when you click the forum :eek:
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    ... What?
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    Like your CSS is green. Get it? ;)
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    Could have just said tag, you made me get out the firebug to realize that the tags are basically all CSS.
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    Well not just tags. CSS is your direct User name color. Like if you just went to the Plugins Releases Forum, you would of saw Purple Names! :p Thats what I ment !
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    What would be really funny, is if they made it so only you could see your developer tag, but nobody else.
    Just for sh*ts and giggles.
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    I only just realised. However I would prefer something to tell plugin developers apart from normal users, though.
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    This is exactly what we just removed, though.

    We're working on something, though, that should hopefully serve to identify those in the community deserving of recognition.
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    Thats great, cheers mate
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