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    Plugin Category: Fun/MiniGame

    Suggested Name: Double Team Survival Games

    What I Want: I'd Like A Plugin For My Survival Games Server. We Recently Decided To Create Different Game Types And Survival Games Twists... One Of Those Is Double Team.
    I'd Like It To Be The Exact Same As Regular Survival Games But You Can Team With One Other Player By Doing '/team <Name Here>' In The Lobby Then The Player You Requested Can Do '/team accept' Or '/team deny' To Accept Or Deny The Request.
    If You Deny The Request It Says To The Other Player "Request To <Name Here> Denied" (In Red) And If You Accept It Says "Request to <Name Here> Accepted"(In Green)
    If You Send A Team Request To Another Player It Says "You Are Already Teamed do /team cancel To Cancel Your Current Team"(In Red). And You Can Do '/team cancel' to Cancel Your Team
    If You Receive A Request It Says...
    "You Have A Request From <Name Here> You Can Do (In Orange)
    /team accept (In White)-To Accept (In Green)
    Or /team deny (In White)-To Deny (In Red)"
    But If You Don't Want To Team With Anyone You Should Be Paired With A Random
    +There Must Be An Even Number Of Players For The Game To Start If Not It Says
    "There Must Be An Even Number Of Players For The Game To Start(In Orange)
    In The Actual Game You Spawn With A Compass Pointing To Your Teammate
    And Your Teammate Gets A Green Name Above His Head
    Ans When Your Teammate Dies It Says Your Teammate Is Dead"(In Red)

    Phew That Was Alot... Sorry If You Fell Asleep

    Ideas For Commands:
    /team <Name Here> - To Team With Other Players
    /team deny/accept - To Deny/Accept Team Requests
    /team cancel - To Cancel Your Current Team

    Ideas For Permissions: I'm Not Sure If Any Are Needed

    When I'd Like It For: I Don't Really Have A Deadline. I'd Just Like To Know Someone Is Creating This And When They Can Get It Done For.

    I Think I Went Over Everything Lol. But If You Have Any Further Questions You Can Post Them Below + If You Can/ Want To Help Me Out With Any Of My Other Plugin Ideas Tell Me ... There May Even Be A Server Administrator Spot For You
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    Error line 5: Too much uppercase ...
    Is the server overloaded or are you using too much uppercase?
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    Lol no its not overloaded. Sorry that was another Co-Owner of the server he likes uppercase. Anyways please could you help me out, I really need some plugins done Den_Store
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    Could you rewrite it for one?
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    Hi This Is An Awesome Plugin Request Your Capitals Are Very Attractive And Pleasure My Eyes Greatly.
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    EDIT: The owners have seperate accounts now. I am the one with no caps and he SG-PRO SERVER loves caps lol
    Ultimate_n00b i can if you are interested ?
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    I (and many others) would love to not have our eyes bleeding this pleasant day. If you could, that would be great.
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    shhh, no plz i give cookie
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    Oh, then now I'm fine! :D
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    Please try to write it in a way i can understand. Takes to much time looking over it.
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    Format this its hard to understand.

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