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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by feverdream, Jan 7, 2011.

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    I dev code for a living but dont work withy Java often, is there a doc or list or something I can look at that will tell me what I need to get started coding plugins?

    I'm not intereated in titorials for Java; I already know it. What I am asking for is things like the IDE/compiler you guys are using, Codeing style recommendations (camelCase or strHungarianNotation?), or Plugin Best Practices.

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    Eclipse for Java Developers.
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    Really? That's what your supposed to download? :confused:

    I use Classic, because that had the most downloads when I was choosing which version to get.
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    Yeah and some people complained to me about needing the EE version.. so its not as cut and dry as one would think.
  7. According to the Bukkit wiki you need "Eclipse IDE for Java Developer", at least that's what they recommend.
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    Ben S

    I develop using the build for Java Developers. However to build, I use maven as recommended.
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    I use notepad

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    Eclipse is a common and fully-featured IDE for Java development. I don't believe there is any requirement to get a special version, just get the regular download. You will also need the Maven integration plugin.

    IntelliJ is another very good IDE that you may be interested in.
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    Eclipse is garbage.

    get Netbeans or IntelliJ, or hand-write your code in calligraphy. Just don't bother with eclipse.
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    1Rogue Netbeans is my all-time favorite. The only thing that I didn't like about eclipse was when I downloaded a plugin to change the theme, all of the highlighting was wrong and It was difficult to change back. It's still a great IDE though, I would use it again.

    People also claim Netbeans is slow, I never really had that problem.

    This is funny
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    Well, definitely Camel Case yet there are some other naming conventions like:
    • Classes and interfaces start with a capital letter (generally nouns).
    • Variables start with a lowercase letter (camelCase)
    • The prefix of a unique package name is always written in all-lowercase ASCII letters
    • Methods should be verbs
    • Constants should be all caps with underscores in between words like "MAX_VALUE"
    Personally I prefer IntelliJ for developing plugins, yet in general java (especially swing) NetBeans is the way to go.
    Some good plugin techniques:
    • @Override the onEnable and onDisable and onCommand
    • Always check the sender is an instance of player before casting.
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    Please read timestamp
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    I use classic
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    I personally like IntelliJ Community Edition, but I have Eclipse installed just in case. IntelliJ has better auto-completion without having to use certain key combinations. It also has the (let's be honest) better colour scheme when using Darcula.
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    Everyone has their own opinions on which IDE designs they like better. You are basically saying that IntelliJ has a better design then Eclipse, which I don't think it does, it just makes it hard to read for me..You need to state that it is your own opinion that the colour schemes are better on IntelliJ. Why did you say (let's be honest), I mean, it isn't going to take away from somebodies pride if they use Eclipse instead of IntelliJ...
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    This thread is from 2011.
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    So was Minecraft, yet we still use it. We are having a nice conversation here :(
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    Yet the posts are still on-topic and relevant, which I would say makes it alright (though a little late for OP's sake).
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    Normally when I come across an undead zombie thread like this I start deleting all the necro posts so that the thread can sink back into the grave and rest in peace. There are a lot of decent necro comments in here though; it almost seems wrong to remove the whole conversation. So here's a compromise: comments can stay but thread is locked. RIP 2011 zombie thread.

    And directed towards the necromancer, please don't make a habit out of this. If you anger too many spirits of old threads they might begin to possess your code, inflicting you with random Java errors. ;)
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