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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by EvilSeph, Mar 15, 2011.

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    Maybe i'll just put b700+ so i don't have to log back in every fucking minute to change the title. What a joke.
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    Why should people use your plugin if you can't take the time to update the topic title approximately every week?
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    This is a good idea, nice to know what needs updating, ect.

    Google reader! I'm going to get!!!
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    Indeed you should.
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    Yea thanks, I got it now, bookmarked the reader and now gonna add my RSS feeds I like.
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    +1 ! Google reader is mad dope, yo.
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    That's the most stupid thing I've ever read.

    I don't know about you - but I use plugins for the functionality. If it works, and it applies to what I wish to achieve, I'll use it. Not if the title has 3 numbers nicely conformed to the "regulations" that are just too much effort for what it is worth.

    Your comment suggests that the only reason you release your plugins is for an exaggerated ego boost, fueling off positive feedback from your users.

    Furthermore, I don't give a rats arse who uses my plugins. I made my plugins for my servers, and my servers only - and I released them to the public so those who wish can have the functionality I also desired.- I sometimes assist those whom seem to have trouble setting it up - but my product comes as-is.

    And finally, people are mentioning "What needs updating".

    Being "inactive" does not mean the plugin does not work, but alas the topic just hasn't been edited in a while because, just maybe, the author is tied up with studies and/or work/life in general.

    I agree that plugins that are completely broken need to be filtered, however simple inactivity should not be coupled with the concept of "broken".

    A new system needs to be conceptualised.
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    Do you want to handle the 500-600 plugins, go through each of them and determine whether or not they are actually broken so they can be marked as broken? Just like you, myself and my staff has a life and other duties to attend to.

    Well, you can't please everyone.
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    Are you offering to take the position of managing ~600 plugins? You want to go through and test EVERY SINGLE ONE for EVERY SINGLE BUILD to see if they're broken? Awesome, thanks! :D

    Also, in regards to releasing my plugins for an ego boost, that's one reason, it's nice to see 3000+ unique hits on a single plugin. However I also care about fixing bugs people run into, if they're legit bugs and not just users being idiots.

    If you can't take a minute to update your topic titles then it shows a complete lack of caring about your plugin and about your users, and that's why I said why should people use your plugin, you obviously don't care enough about it to give it a minute of your time.

    From the looks of it you have two plugins, that takes what, 45 seconds to go and edit the topic title to the latest RB that you've tested it with? Just do it when you update your server (Since you code plugins for your server).
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    I, for one, hugely appreciate this cleanup. I'm basically in the same boat as Tazzernator- I have a very specific game in mind that I want my server to eventually be running. Most, if not all, of that functionality is stuff I plan to write, for me, in plugin form.

    I share my stuff 'cause I like to share- I help people with my plugins because I like to help.

    But ultimately, I'm just doing this to have fun. Coding plugins is fun for me, playing MC with my plugins is fun for me. I hope that others enjoy them, too, but it's not really my main goal.

    That being said, it takes a lot of effort to properly maintain and support a plugin here, and it's nice to think that my supported plugins aren't sharing a huge list with 600 other dead ones.

    Now that is the god's honest truth, for sure.

    Yes, this ^^

    Everytime I update my public server (which I try to run the latest RB on at all times), I update the "later" number on all my forum threads.

    And, yes, this is a pain in the ass- I'm reducing the number of plugin threads I have now, though not really primarily because of this.

    I'll admit it would be nice if I could do this for all my plugins at once somehow, but I think what we really all need to keep in mind here is that this whole system is temporary- Fill will probably just pick this stuff up out of plugin.yml or something, and "maintaining forum threads" will be a thing of the past.

    So, please- just have a little patience until we get there- it sucks to lose plugin devs around here to frustration. :(

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    My server has b4something on it - It works perfectly for what i need. The only reason I'll update alllll the plugins and the craftbukkit is if minecraft itself updates. To do so otherwise is stupidity as you are bound to find compatibility issues.

    @Drakia It's not that I don't care, it's that I lack time.

    Perhaps you should do something like wordpress - Where plugins have a "Does this work for your version" poll on each one, and you can see a % of success rate.


    This may seem more plausible if releases were not issued hourly >_>
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    @EvilSeph You move all our threads but you dont tell us what we need to do to fully "come back" from it.

    I personally have been away for a week or so due to big death in the family, so pardon me If I'm a little behind, but shouldn't you at leas tell us what the RB system is, or have a link it it in the OP so we dont have to go around searching for all the requirements?
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    Sorry to hear that- my condolences :(

    Recommended Builds (and non-R B's) can be found on the continuous integration server,

    The current RB is 531- these are the builds with the green stars on them.

    Basically, to be compliant- you need to have tested with an RB at most 3 RB's ago, and updated your thread topic accordingly.
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    This is redundant information, but given your post was recent, it bears repeating: Builds are designated as 'recommended' now, so you just have to keep up to date within a few of those.

    There's a listing here, note the green stars:
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    Should we tell you here when we've changed the topic title? I'm confused. What happened to fill even.
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    Even more reason to use the wordpress style.

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    The Plugin Releases forum is largely temporary, Bukkit Fill is the ultimate goal.
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    And what I'm saying is a system like mentioned above would be great for something in Fill. I'm sorry, Are you a complete idiot?
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    So go make one. Don't be a douche to other people if you aren't going to supply the fix.
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    I'm not on the fill team you twit - if I were, I would take advice from the community if myself and the other members of the fill team found it useful, and work together to supply an ultimate flawless base.

    What I don't find useful is individuals whom wish to repetitively silence good ideas for no particular reason besides the fact that they assume the individual suggesting an idea knows nothing and it should only be the admins call etc.

    Feedback is key. It's what shapes any web-based (EC or otherwise) industry.
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    You're being awfully nasty to people simply trying to have a civil discussion with you. All I was trying to imply was that Bukkit Fill is probably going to have its own solution already; which I think is a reasonable thing to say since this problem has been with us since the hMod days.

    And you have to remember, Bukkit is still heavily in development. Changes are still constantly being made and plugins have been needing a lot of maintenance because of it. Your plugin is a rare exception to having needed updates, almost every other plugin marked as using the same build your's advertised was completely borked. So it puzzles me you'd be so upset about this.

    Once Bukkit hits a stable release this problem won't be nearly so severe.
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    I didn't even dismiss the idea, you know. All I told you was what we're working right now is temporary. That's it. If you want to go out of your way to be offended, be my guest.
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    Haha - I'm not offended?

    I have been aware of the fill scenario from the beginning, which personally I've lost all hope for. Along with an official release. - But that's another discussion.
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    You did a lot of name calling for someone who wasn't offended.
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    Calling an individual an idiot, and a twit is simply due to the fact that their posts reflect this.
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    And I think your posts reflect pretty clearly that you're a bit of a dick. It's not asking much to be a bit more civil.
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