Plugin cannot support custom gui?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by yyn9704, Jan 21, 2020.

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    I started to develop minecraft plugin for my favorite server, and I need help.

    I want to make an custom stat bar like the photo (blue ones)
    is it impossible by plugin?

    thank you for reading my question, and I apologize bad English

    (this photo is "though as nails" Minecraft Mod screenshot From google image search)
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    @yyn9704 I'm not sure if you could send a packet telling the client that they're underwater or whatever but, otherwise no, i'm pretty sure that's not possible.
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    Yes it's impossible. To my knowledge. Custom textured items/models/general textures are NOT possible if you can't get the player and whether their underwater or not. If you can, you might as well try and set the custom model data for the hotbar. I have no clue whether you can do that, although setting the custom model data for items is possible I don't know about hotbars. This will require a texture pack, though, as this will be using custom model data for that purpose. To set the custom model data, get the item meta of the hotbar (<itemstack>.getItemMeta or whatever) and then set the custom model data which I believe is:
    or something like that. But if you want to do everything from the plugin itself, texture and all, I don't think that's possible without requiring an API like Additions which just complicates everything. Mods are your best bet for a simple/surefire way. Hope this helps!
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