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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Albert_Bowden, Sep 7, 2016.

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    Hey guys.

    Can someone please give me a 1.10.2 plugin that supports the use of blocking world edit in different worlds with multiverse core? I have tried this:
    And it destroyed my server. Luckily i had a backup. Is there anything out there?
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    @bwfcwalshy I think he means a plugin where all commands in the worldedit plugin for would work only in certain worlds. (But not just Worldedit, any plugin)
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  3. @BlockHeads36 And a permissions plugin can easily do that, just add the permissions for the world you want.
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    @BlockHeads36 @Albert_Bowden

    Using PEX

    /pex user <player> add <permission> [world]

    /pex user that_guy add -worldedit.* noWEherePl0x
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    No, if i remove their permissions in pex, it will remove their permissions in every world. Plus you didnt give me the perms to remove a permission in a certain world, but add it instead. I wanted it "removed" and no one read my post properly.
  6. @Albert_Bowden We can read your post but you can't just "remove" stuff in a specific world but you CAN remove PERMISSION in a certain world as we have ALL said here
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    If someone could give me a step by step on how to do it with permissionsex that would be brilliant or suggest a new plugin that does it. Thanks!
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    This helped me a lot.
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    Allow me to provide a walkthrough of the command I specified.

    /pex user <player> add -worldedit.* <world>

    /pex : the plugin main command.

    user : this tells the plugin to modify a player, rather than a rank. If you want to modify a rank, use 'group' instead.

    <player> : this tells the plugin which player to modify. If you specified 'group' above, use the rank name instead.

    add : tells the plugin to add a permission node to the player/group permissions list.

    - : this negates that permission node. If the player has '*' and '-worldedit.*', they will have access to everything that is not included with 'worldedit.*'

    worldedit : the permission node to add.

    .* : includes every sub-permission node contained under the 'worldedit' node. For example 'worldedit.wand' and 'worldedit.set' are both contained in 'worldedit.*'

    <world> : the world in which this permission will take place. If not specified, will apply this permission to the user/group globally. If specified, the permission will be applied only within <world>.

    Please read our posts more carefully -- we read yours and we gave you the solution, so it would be nice to return the favor rather than go around accusing people of not reading your post.

    Thank you and have a nice day. I hope this helped.
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    I am not used to coding. I am trying to be nice but people kept giving me confusing commands with confusing explanations. I will try this and I am new to my server. It is hosted. And I struggled to put ranks up at the very beginning. I was struggling so bad, that I found an online rank template.

    It is also pretty weird that the add means remove in this plugin, which confuses me terribly.
    Edit: I had no idea and plus i didn't think of that at the time, i am sorry..

    Anyway, that command has worked! Thank you for all of your help! Its weird how it is oposite day with that plugin as "add" may mean "remove" kind of weird, but oh well. Thanks for all of your help!

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    EDIT: I would of liked that to be a seperate thank you message to everyone who commented... Im not happy...
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    If you need help with permissions or starting a server, I may be able to assist you.
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    I am fine thanks
    Yes the moderators have been merging my posts for no reason and i cant find where i can report this...
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    Your posts are merged if you post twice consecutively within 24 hours. If something is "edited by Moderator" and doesn't have a moderator's name, it was merged automatically by a bot.
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