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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by mymycool9, Apr 13, 2013.

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    I can't get the plugin AutoRank working! I have Vault. The plugin loads and I've set the config to my liking's, but whenever I do /ar check it says 'You are a default and have played for 0 hours and 0 minutes. I set myself to the rank noob, but it still says the same message still saying 'default', without even saying how long until I'm the next rank. Here is my config.yml:
    Enabled: true
    Debug mode: false
    Message prefix: '&2'
    Leaderboard layout: '&p | &n - &th hour(s) and &m minute(s).'
    Essentials AFK integration: false
      from: noob
      to: player
      required minutes played: 120
      message: '&2Congratulations, you are now a Player.'
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    Check your plugins folder, there should be two Autorank folders, one new, one old. The new one has the following files: Advancedconfig.yml, Data.yml, and Simpleconfig.yml; that's the new one. The config is different which may be why your config is not working, or I am making a large mistake here... Check this page:
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    No, I only have the one config. I put the simpleconfig and advancedconfig in the AutoRank folder but the plugin ignores it and adds config.yml again. What folder name should I put the simpleconfig and advanedconfig files in?
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    If you press the download button on the bukkitdev page it's going to take you to the 1.7 download because the newer releases are still in beta. Even though 1.7 might still work it's not supported anymore, you can get a newer version at
    And to do the thing you had set up in that config all you need to do is put
    noob: player after 2h
    in the Simpleconfig
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    Yes, Armar is right. The download button will download version 1.7. Beta 2.2 is the newest version.
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    Thanks everyone! But now it says 'mymycool9 has played for [time], and is in no group. and doesn't have a rank up.', even if I am in a group. Does it support PermissionsBukkit, because that is what I'm using?
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