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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by tiradorus, Apr 3, 2022.

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    Hi everyone! I know it's a fully special ask but if i'me here it's because i have no other choice, and as i'm not billingual, it will be even harder to explain the situation xD

    ===== What i need =====

    * I need a plugin OR and add-on for "Skript" that could allo me to interract with the custom durability of the items from the plugin "MMOITEMS"

    ===== What about? =====

    MMOITEMS is a plugin that can create items with custom durability, you can determine how much durability you want on an item, however this durability is special and i can't modify it with a script (It override VANILLA value)
    I also can't prevent the custom item from taking damages, even with a script that cancel the event "On item damage" because the event that does damage to the custom item ... is a custom event!

    ===== Why i need it? =====

    1: I have some dungeons on my server, arenas too, where items shouldn't take damages in it, and a survival world where item have to take damages. So i need a script that cancel the item damages with certain condition BUT actually, i can't interract with the custom durability, so i can't do it... and it's HIGHLY important for the gameplay of the server.

    2: I need to remove some durability on the custom items with certain event, actually, i need to set the durability of the items to 1 if a player die in pvp. BUT as i said, i can't interract with the custom durability xD

    ===== What i've tried? =====

    I first have contacted the developper's team of MMOITEMS to create a compatible version with Skript, after 3 months of waiting i had an answer:

    "We won't add a functionnality as special as that for an unique user, however, you can contact someone who have some basical java/spigot knowledges to do it for you, it's not that hard"

    2: So i've ask to one of my friend to do it ... he do not have enought skills into java to make me a very stable plugin (Too many bugs with his version xD)

    3: I've ask on the forum of "Skript" some help, and if anyone can create an add-on like that. I had no answer.

    4: Here i am.

    So, please, i know it's special but it's hardly important for us to have this functionnality, otherwise the entire gameplay of the server is broken T_T
    If anyone can do it for us, it can save an entire community! I can provide all is needed for the working (Plugin MMOITEMS and Skript)

    ===== Some exemples of what i need =====

    Into a script:

    on CustomDurability damage:
        Cancel event
    on death:
        if attacker is a player:
            set CustomDurability of victim's helmet to 1
            set CustomDurability of victim's boots to 1
            set CustomDurability of victim's chestplate to 1
            set CustomDurability of victim's leggings to 1
    Have a nice day Bukkit teams! =)

    Minecraft Version: 1.18.1
    MMOITEMS version: 6.7.1-3
    Skript version: 2.6.1
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    I'm pretty sure there's a skript addon that lets you add functionality to plugins, but I can't remember what it's called. I think it was called skript-mirror but I haven't used it in years.
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    Hi, so i've taken a look on the add-on, it looks like it can't prevent or modify an event.
    MoreOver, it can't modify or create a way to do what i need :/

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