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    huy there,

    i want a plugin when we right click on a players he send to him a reqeusts a 1V1 with the items selected
    example: i have a sword in iron i right click to a boy and he right click to me with a iron sword he go give to me and him a stuff and we can pvp
    thanks for read its my firts post
    PS: im not english :p
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    ellitzzwolf were you going for a perfect 24 hour bump o.0 that was pretty spot on
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    Mathias Eklund

    You should read the guidelines before you make a post, makes it easier for us developers to read through it.
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    So do the players duel with the items they have, or are they given equipment that they duel with?
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    Check out my Mc 1v1 plugin, I'm still working on it!
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    THANKS all i love english community ps:
    i dont google translator so i cant read all you message and read rule

    out theards:

    a person now plugin kit of mcpvp pvp stomper turtle viper monk etc...

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