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    Plugin category: I don't know what category this would go in.

    Suggested name: PlotMeDownloader

    What I want:

    What I want is a PlotMe addon, Where users can download schematics of PlotMe plots.

    When preforming the command /Download, the user will get a link to his / her plot's schematic.

    This would be partially web-based, as their needs to be a way to upload / download the schematic files to a configured web-server.

    An example of a plugin like this is found on the ShotBow Network Creative Server.

    Ideas for configuration:

    - Configure weather or not users can download other plots, or just his own.
    - Configurable cool-down time of the /Download command, to prevent people spamming uploads.
    - Configurable web-server details, upload directory, etc.
    - Configurable plugin prefix of messages sent the the player.

    Ideas for commands:

    - /Download - Uploads the PlotMe plot to the configured web-server. Then sends the user a download link.

    Ideas for permissions:

    - PlotMeDownloader.Download - Allows a user to use the /Download command.

    When I'd like it by: Whenever possible
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    Easiest would be making a php script server-side and require a certain GET variable to make sure it is the server (a API key alike system) and then upload it to there using Java (example usage) and then either make the plugin predict the location or make the php script return it on upload.

    Don't think I will have time to fully make this but if someone can make the schematic system (so it only needs to be uploaded) then I can definitely make the rest.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    wesley009 WorldEdit has a nice api for schematics I believe
  4. I was thinking about this idea for a bit. If I were to do this, I'd use the WorldEdit API to save a schematic of the plot, like timtower suggested. Then, I'd upload the file to Dropbox and send the player a link to download the file. I really like this idea. Not sure whether or not I'd do it though :( Might play around with the concept :)
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    That's cool, I might start looking into developing this; but this is a little to advanced for me, and help would be nice :)
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    Can this be done?
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    I would love to work on a plugin like this but I think it is just a little too advanced for what I am capable of.
    • Linking into the PlotMe API.
    • Getting the users current Plot & saving it as a Schematic to a Directory on the Host Server.
    • Uploading the file to a Web / FTP Server.
    • Sending the player the link to Download the .Schematic
    • Deleting the file off of the Main (Minecraft) Host server.
    I could probably learn the WorldEdit API but learning the DropBox API or other ways to upload files to a Remote Server just seems like a little too much unfortunately :/

    Maybe someone with allot of time could fill this :)
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Culaccino mcexpertvideos, I am semi working on this. Trying to make an easy to use ( for me at least ) ftp tool.
    The only thing that needs some looking is getting the right link to share for the user.
    @Caluccino, if you want then I can provide a semi-easy to use FTP uploader.
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    If it could just save to a selected folder that would be great (I can put it on my webserver.)
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    Just letting you guys know. If you want an example of this. has a version of this.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    I made sure that it was able to do that.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Not really, just made the FTP uploader for it.
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    As I said in the original post.. :p
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    yeah, is they a way for it? i would also like to use it for my private plot server (i do not mind if it has a cooldown or not)
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    I'll give you the code to get the plot coordinates :p

    API is subject to change in a near future.

    2. import com.worldcretornica.plotme.PlotManager;
    3. [...]
    4. String id = PlotManager.getPlotId(location);
    5. Location bottom = PlotManager.getPlotBottomLoc(location.getWorld(), id);
    6. Location top = PlotManager.getPlotTopLoc(location.getWorld(), id);

    This will return the lowest x,y,z (y = 1) and max x,y,z (y=255). You can easily do a schematic from that after. If no plot is found at that location, id will be empty string.
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    How would one do a schematic from that?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    You make a hook into WorldEdit for that

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