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    Many people know about the popular plugin Plotme.

    I was looking to see if someone would be kind enough to make a plugin that when a command is run like "/plotchat" the user stops receiving chat from everyone on the server except from people chatting in the plot the user is currently standing in.

    Thank you for your time
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    Sorry, but is hard to do that because we need the API of the PlotMe plugin to check if the player is inside the plot or not. Unfortunately has not been created yet. ;)
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    Plugins such as have variables like info board does where it gets the plot they are in's id and owner and other stuff. Here is the variables for that one: Board/src/Variables.yml

    Maybe because plugins can get the plot id, the plugin I wish someone would make could get the plot id they are in and create a channel for it.
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    After a little searching I found that the PlotMe already contained a small API. So I made ​​the plugin you asked. If this is what you needed leave a like please. :)

    If you find a bug, let me know, I will fix.

    My bukkit dev page: joseafonso98

    My bukkit forum page: 4ever


    Your plugin : download


    PS: If you want to give me the IP of the server to be able to visit :)
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    The plugin works great! One thing though, please add one permission so I can have that and so can my staff. The people with that permission could send chat and it would be heard by all players on the server even people in a plotme chat. (plotmechat.admin)

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