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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by RightLegRed, Jan 18, 2011.

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    No, but if it's a legitimate transaction, the local authorities are (i.e. local Law Enforcement), and the local authorities here are the Bukkit Staff.
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    Nick Foster

    why cant you just say you are not responsible... you don't have to assume the position of authority... look at, hundreds of transactions induces there everyday and the guy that made it is not responsible for them he flat out say .. he assumes not responsibility for them
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    I'm not even gonna bother arguing with you, just know that no matter how much you complain, this isn't going to change.
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    Nick Foster

    Was anyone scammed... Oh by the way the rules say I can't sell things... That doesn't mean I can't offer money for someone to do something... So I'm a little POed that a mod took down my perfectly rule abiding threads.
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    This is being discussed in a more open forum here:

    hardly anyone notices the stickies.
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    About the Plugin Request section,
    as it name states, it's for plugin requests. I spend time filtering good requests from bad requests and that time would be shorter if the sections wasn't filled with developers requests and suggestions.

    Developers requests are threads which do not ask for a particular plugin or a set of tasks to be completed, but rather a developer's full dedication to the server and exclusivity of the final plugins. This, coupled with the median server admin's ego, makes it a bad working environment.

    On the other side, there's usually no follow-up to plugin suggestions. By that I mean plugins which are not really needed. I rarely encounter toughtful suggestions trough the section.

    I hope some developers feel like me toward the section. May they express themselves publicly.
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    Rule number 5 was a recent change in the request forums and I suggest removing it.

    Rule 5 states that you're not allowed to sell products and services not buy them or offer compensation out of gratitude. This is a recent change and I wasn't aware of it till my topic disappeared today. I highly suggest bringing it back as they're is an incentive for those who seek monetary returns.

    Yea don't generalize admins like that. They're many coding teams that are run by coders themselves to freely work on projects together - take herocraft coding for example. A bad working environment is, simply what it is, a bad working environment. Just because you're with an organized team created by an admin doesn't equate to having a poor working environment.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    Rule 5 is not a recent change, we've always enforced it. The sticky at the top of this forum was added recently only after many requests for such a topic in the hope that people might notice the rules better with a sticky.
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