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    This post is now outdated and replaced by the below link:

    Here are some basic guidelines for submitting plugin requests:

    • Check if it has already been made or implemented in a different plug-in (Search)
    • Be patient
    • Thank users who attempt to fulfill your request, even if they fail.
    • Go into detail about your request. The more information, the more likely someone is to understand and complete a plugin.
    • Offer money or demand money. See rule 5 of the forum rules.
    • Bump the thread repeatedly.
    • Reply to a thread just to say you agree with the idea.
    • Use terrible spelling and grammar. It's hard to understand you.
    • Overuse punctuation. Nobody likes "!!!!!!!!!!!!!" in a conversation.
    • Request a huge plugin that'll take weeks to complete without understanding the low chance of success. We know you want cows that can shoot chickens out of the pig which is stuck to an everexploding creeper, while working out sums and then turning them into an MD5 hashcode. But that'll take too long and frankly, is ridiculous. Cows can't do math.
    Following these guidelines will make your request more appealing to someone looking to fill a few requests.

    When requesting a plugin, state ALL requires information in the thread, it is not enough to ask them to PM you for details.


    Updated June 3rd, 2012.
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    Alright. I'll touch up the layout and rewrite it a bit.
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    This thread isn't for requests or asking about their status of porting.
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    I think we need a common database connector (MySql, SQLite, MS SQL Express, etc). So plug-in creators only need to tell the server which tables to create and then modify.

    I think it would help, when we have multiple plug-ins running and each of them running their own databases. Creating massive amounts of drive reads and writes to further bog down the server.
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    spelmyst, this is also not a place for suggestions. And we are already building that in.
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    Sorry about that.
    Nice to know it's in the works. [​IMG]
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    After reading the requests in this part of the form for about an hour pr so now, I think waaay to many people are breaking these rules and posting without doing a search first.
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    Yeah. Now I have moderator status I might start taking action.
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    Need help with this forum, ask.
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    I know that this is not the place for suggestions but i think you should that people should give credit to people helping them with there idea and people that may have help give you your idea just a suggestion that seems acceptable
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    People can actually get plugin developer for developing plugins and putting them in the thread which requested them. If I see someone filling in a large number of requests, I'll premote them.
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    can you add a don't about no plugins that require client side moding!
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    Is it possible to make the plugin which will clear same messages? I mean 10 same messages by server can be replaced with 1 such. Logs are often flooded with "You dont have permission to do that" or something similar, so i think such a plugin would be nice.
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    I have another Dont: Do not request new items or new blocks, they cant be done without client side mods.
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    I have a tip for requesting plug-ins.
    If a similar plug-in exists, say what you like or don't like about it. They can either add settings to what you like, or help people narrow down exactly what you want in your plug-in.
    Just saying you want something when there's probably a dozen other plug-ins out there that can generally do what you're asking for doesn't help anyone.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    I feel like someone should add "Check if someone has already requested it" to the list of things to do... I just went through the last six pages and found quite a few duplicates.
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    I propose you change the thread title to: "Please Read - About Requesting Plug-ins!"

    That is all. :p
  20. I have a suggestion for the Request forum. Maybe the requestor could put up an [Beginner] / [Advanced] tag to the topic name to attract beginnen or advanced plugin developers.

    If the requestor doesn't know if it's a beginner or advanced plugin maybe someone (me for example) could tell them if it's possible and what level of difficulty the plugin is.

    I see lot's of requests of "How to make a plugin" and I have found that just programming a plugin is the best experience to learn Bukkit (and even Java!) So beginning plugin developers could grab the beginner requests and the more advanced can get picked up by the experienced plugin developers.

    Just my two cents...

    PS: Maybe I will start a "Learn Bukkit" topic/website with simple requests from the request forum. Just to help beginning developers.
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    Im a New Dev and Find it hard to get things That i CAN do!
    Im all for it!
  22. Well... Lots of posts I've replied to are pretty simple to do. If you need help with some I could offer it to you.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    I would tend to disagree on the latter bit, though it's not a terrible way of learning Java. I think it's better though to learn the basics of Java first, before trying a simple plugin.
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    @Celtic Minstrel
    In my opinion, programming plugins is a great tool for expanding Java knowledge. But if you don't already have a solid background in Java, then you're only going to be muddling things up more. This is mainly due to the fact that you can write Plugins without ever having to 'code' anything. And when people with 0 Java experience come in and start coding things, they generally get the wrong impression that "Oh, this coding thing isn't so bad! They have all the functions defined out for me already!". It's just the nature of working with an API

    That's my 2 cents, at least
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    Large updates to the thread :)
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    Nick Foster

    This part is dumb as heck.... If we are willing to pay someone for work then what wrong with it?
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    Nick Foster

    why make a community where there are devs that want to make things if they cant be paid for their work? i think plenty of people will agree with me if they are a real server owner or a plugin developer... don't you want money for something you work on...?
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    Our policy isn't set because we don't think you should be getting paid for your work, it's set because any mishaps can be blamed on us, both developers and server owners can be tricked out of their money in this situation and it's more than likely to end up with us in the blame.
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    Nick Foster

    Couldn't you just make it so you aren't responsible?... If you explicitly say you aren't not involved or held liable for monetary transactions then you don't have to worry about it... It's an open community there shouldn't be a need for that kind of responsibility... lets put it this way... I'm a server owner and I want odd plugin to be made for me... If I want to pay someone and lets say I'm out on a side walk in a park... the park isn't held liable if i get ripped off...
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