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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Chromify, Aug 5, 2015.

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    I know how to code mods pretty well (not in-game messages but items and textures), but how do I code bukkit plugins? Is there any tutorials I can learn from? Please give me the easiest ones possible! I'm REALLY enthusiastic with coding and stuff like that! I'm 14 if you're wondering.

    Please let me know anything I need to know that's different from modding and plugins.
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    Bukkit plugins are very drastically different from client mods. I started learning from TheBCBroz. However there are a lot of other Bukkit Plugin Coders out there for YouTube, like PogoStick. Learn the basics while watching them.

    Hope this will give you a grasp of bukkit coding.
    And welcome to the community.
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    I learn't from Pogostick29dev and just being here on bukkit.

    Let me tell you. The best way to learn, is by just being on this section, because in Plugin Development, this is where most pro's come, they help the ones that don't know, then you start to develop good knowledge from the pro's. So you can just skim through the threads and learn.
  6. Well I wouldn't call myself a pro, but since you did its fine :p

    Learn Java before Bukkit.
    Then learn Bukkit, not by TheBcBroz.
    Then if you need help come here.
    Many of us will help (Feel free to tag me)
    Your problem will be solved and you will have learned something new
    Your happy, everyone's happy.
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