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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by xristaras40blaums, Dec 13, 2014.

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    Check out this thread.
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    Wow, this is out of hand... Op, to me it sounds as though you don't have a plugin idea in mind at the moment, therefore you don't have a thought process to program a plugin, and explains why you are a bit distraught.

    Try to make a plugin that when you place or break a torch , it will send the player a message.

    If you truly watched all of Buckeys vids then you know enough to get yourself thathat far and a little further. Another problem is that you don't know the API, that's why I suggested it. That will tell you all l the classes, methods , enum types, and more all l with comments on how and what they do(there is always bukkit forums too)

    So try to make that plugin and see where you get.
    I remember someone saying: as long as you know what you are trying to accomplish, you will know how to get there. Or something like that...
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    Use the
    Emoji > Picture > Video > Page format
    then hit 'code'
    then hit 'java'
    //Neat, eh?
  4. Ok but when i tried to copy a listener code from youtube they said that you don't need plugin.yml but when i put it in my testing server it says that it needs plugin.yml
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    Yea... That's still wrong for multiple reasons.
    Also, all plugins require a plugin.yml
    You must be watching very old videos.
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    To start off, don't copy and paste code from youtube. You learn absolutely nothing. You want to learn, but you aren't putting in the effort. I highly suggest you learn more about Java before you even attempt to start Bukkit.
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    @xristaras40blaums A very common mistake that people make is that they go into the Bukkit API before learning Java, but essentially the API is just a reference point, making calls to Java. In that sense, you need to know Java to even begin to use the Bukkit API e.g. if statements, for loops etc. There fore, don't bother coming back to these forums until you at least have a good understanding of Java, anyone who tells you to keep making plugins till you get it right, don't. Learn Java first, then come back to the API, trust me, I made the same mistake. And if you want to know how to, buy a book, Java for Dummies is a really good one, trust me, it will be worth it in the end! :)
  8. well no money for java book. i will start watching again java from bucky and then when i want to make a bukkit pluggin i should look at the ? or something else
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    You can find Java books online, in the form of an eBook or PDF. I don't know how good Bucky's tutorials are, and I don't usually recommend watching videos to help teach people, but that usually only constitutes towards Bukkit Plugin tutorial videos because they're terrible. I will say this though, everyone has a different way of learning, so if you find it easier to learn using video tutorials, go right ahead.

    Just stay away from Bukkit plugin tutorials.
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    @xristaras40blaums You will understand everything in the Javadocs when you are good enough at Java.
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