Please help bukkit keeps crashing!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Strangergiant0, Nov 8, 2012.


Is this fixable?

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    Hey i run a bukkit server and it keeps crashing when i get on any help? i can get the crash reports to

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    Hello, welcome to Bukkit psychic support!
    We've determined that you have a problem with your server's flux capacitor - we'd recommend changing it as soon as possible or the problem could cause damage to critical components of your computer.
    Please note that the Chameleon circuit on your server's logic board may also need to have an update to its BIOS flashed onto the rom.
    We recommend checking your helmic regulators to ensure that current can flow through them, this can be done using tools found in a standard electrician's toolkit.
    Finally, a book on digital literacy may be of use to you.

    We hope that this resolves your problem, thanks.
    Disclaimer: The above is all lies. Post some gosh damned technical information.
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    Thank you so much ill check it out and see what i can do im not to much into computers to know what to do to the inside of the tower so i will see if i can buy a book on doing this sort of thing. Would you have any suggestions on a book for this? Thank you
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    umm stranger he was being sarcastic he means post the errors reports and give more info on the server and maybe post logs O_O dude there is no flux capitors in your comp last i heard it was in a delorian in the movie back to the future lool
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    Are you actully retarded? Yes or No . But as for now I suggest you change your BIOS Menue capacitatios to enlarge the amount of dynamic synergy flowing in the direction towards the main Air cooler, that will fix your crashes.
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    stop trolling him. Its funny, but a little scary he falls for it :oops:
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    when i came to ur posting i was allready laughing so hard that i was about to faint :))

    "dude there is no flux capitors in your comp" that one cracked me up !!

    Good joke !

    No reason to call him retarded ! Plenty of people know nothing about the inside of a computer and can still be 10000 times smarter then you.....
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    Oh this thread is awesome :) Glad I found it :D
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    Locked. Reminder everyone - trolling is not allowed. Ask for the information.

    OP - Post a new help request with all the relevant needed information.
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