Please add a way to disable enchantments.

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    I personally hate enchantments, and I would love a plugin that can disable you from using enchantments. OR at least remove the fortune enchantment. In my opinion the fortune enchantment is to op for me. It makes diamonds to easy to attain. I can't have this.

    So please someone make a plugin to either remove enchantments all together. Or just fortune.

    Right now I removed the recipe for enchantment tables using Custom Stuff, but I really don't want to have Custom Stuff installed.
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    Just use PermissionSex and ModifyWorld to prevent players touching the enchantment table.
    No plugin needed.
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    @EventHandler(priority = EventPriority.NORMAL) 
    public void onBlockPlace(final BlockPlaceEvent e) {
    Block b = e.getBlock();
    if(b.getType() == Material.ENCHANTMENT_TABLE){
    Anyways, wrong part of the forum.
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    It is PermissionsEx. :$

    You must use the PlayerInteract-event, maybe there are already some Enchantment Tables in the world or if you wanna use them for decoration. ;)
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    I only disabled placing of the block, you can also use playerinteract to stop interaction with it.
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    Excuse me?
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    This is in the wrong place. This should be moved to plugin requests. @Moderators ?

    Ahh, i get its PermissionsEx which looks like PermissionSex
    I just got that, i feel stupid...

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    Wrong section post Here!

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