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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Philitup321, Dec 1, 2012.

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    Hello. I recently got a new server. I had and old one that worked perfecly fine (permissions wise :p) and I used the permissions plugin, PEX , for the permissions. I got the same exact plugin for my new server, and I just copied and pasted the permission nodes into the new server. Everything else works, but my player can't build, eat, destroy, pick up items, etc. Please helpif you have any ideas.
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    any error when they try to build?
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    Have you added 'modifyworld.*' ?
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    Necrodoom. Yes. They get message "You are not permitted to interact with grass" and "You are not permitted to use pork".

    The only thing is, is that whenever I have added modifyworld.*, they can build anywhere, even in worldguarded areas, such as my Server's spawn area.

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    you are using essentialsantibuild without giving build permission. either give or remove essentialsantibuild.jar
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    Ok. I will try that.
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    With plugin u use for permissions? The problem is there.
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    Ok Guys I got it fixed!! It was Essentials AntiBuild plugin. I just deleted it, and it was totally fine!! Thanks to Necrodoom for explaining it to me :) .
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