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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by MoShU23, Apr 14, 2013.

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    Ok, this might be a newbie question, but there is a way to store the players data (/World/players) and the folder Userdata (from essentials, /plugins/Essentials/userdata) in a mysql database? Instead of creating a file each time a user connects to the server? I have around 1000 files in both folders, total 2000 files. Making a back-up to the entire server is a pain, takes a lot of time, not the size is the problem, but the number of files.

    I want to know if there is a way to store them in a mysql database or if there is a way to remove them if the user doesn't come online in an X amount of days.


    Ps: Also, if you would like to enlighten me, of what them files do, I mean I know essentials stores the last location, last time the player logged in and logged out, but unsure of that the files in world/players are.
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    i know in the players files in the world folder saves info about
    location/rotation/world when you logged out
    food bar thingy
    your gamemode
    whats in your enderchest

    basically everything ...

    and im pretty sure this cannot be moved to a database, nor do you want to move it, as when a player joins it will first have to get all the info from the database, and that will increase the time you need to login

    essentials ... i dont know if you can move this, i suggest that you look in the config for the plugin and see if there's some way to make it save in a database

    as for deleting the files, if you delete a file, the next time the player joins, he will be at spawn with no inventory just like if he joined the server for the first time, but some plugins (like a plugin to give starter items) will have its own database remembering that the players has been online before and not will give the items again.

    so i would not recommend that you delete the files, or if you still want to, you can try to find a plugin that can clean up for you

    as for backup ... just dont backup those 2 folders ... players can easily recover form a lost inventory
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    for essentials userdata, use /ess cleanup for cleaning up old files. it will tell you syntax.
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    hmm, /ess cleanup just shows me the version of essentials that I'm using.
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    update essentials to preb.
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