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    Name: PlayerIm

    Type: Fun

    What I want: A plugin that makes a player not harm able by everything except for lava, the void and other players using gold swords with sharp 3.

    Commands: None

    Permissions: playerim.allow and playerim.deny

    I would need it by: as soon as you can
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    You could use world guard flags to do this, WorldGuard is a very handy plugin and if you don't already have it, it's the main reason you're requesting this plugin. If you do and didn't know this, you can find all of the flags here:

    WorldGuard Flags List

    You could region your area and use flags like pvp, minimum-hunger, mob-damage, fall-damage.

    I hope I am of help,

    Best Regards,
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    Part of my post was missing , they can only be killed by a gold sword with sharp 3. See main post for update.
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