PlayerHunter: Command that gives a player's coordinates.

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    McMMO dropped player coordinates from /whois [playername] and I cannot find a plugin that allows players to hunt other players.
    I'd suggest one command /hunt [playername]
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    well i could add this to my modsiren plugin, maybe also a IP logger?
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    WorldEdit has /locate <playerName>
    Which sets a player's location to your compass.

    Unless you want raw coordinates...which is a bit different I suppose :p
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    I'm really just wanting a straight-up bare-bones coordinate plugin.

    I could do that, but I would rather it give the coordinates, puts some difficulty into it with the constant needing to get fresh coordinates.
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    Ok, I'll throw another 'stretch' out there:

    Lets players put bounties on other players that they can then hunt down to reclaim the reward. I believe you can give the 'bounty hunters' the permission node to track the player, displaying their coordinates (I think)
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    Too much again, I would like a one-command plugin.
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    I'll go ahead and make this. Surprised no such simple plugin exists already...
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    Yeah, that's what I was afraid of. Hence the 'stretch'

    I'm sure somebody will do this for you, as it would take 5 minutes tops. But I'm too lazy to care right now, sorry :/

    Ninja'd by someone who will do this for you.

    Curse you irony! In all your cruel trickery!
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    Wow, thanks! That's gotta be a record for fastest request>acceptance.
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    Sorry, went to dinner and forgot to hit post. Here it is.

    Going to make a real post when I can.
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    Thanks I'll be adding this soon.

    Edit: Can I change whereis: to hunt: in the plugin.yml?
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    Just use your bukkit.yml!

    It's a little known feature, but you can alias any command in there, in aliases: just add
        - whereis
    Real post made, and viewable here:

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