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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Maximvdw, Jun 13, 2014.

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    So I was checking every single Player*Event. All those have a "getPlayer()" to get the player.
    Apart from PlayerDeathEvent, it has a getEntity() method to get the Entity.

    I guess PlayerDeathEvent is the same as EntityDeathEvent, but why is that event the only event that doesn't use "getPlayer()" :p

    Just something to think about.

    - Maxim
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    1. Player player = event.getEntity().getPlayer();
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    What I mean was that every event in bukkit that has "Player" in the name has a getPlayer() method instead of the PlayerDeathEvent (what is weird because there is a seperated EntityDeathEvent).
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    1. Player p = (Player) event.getEntity().getPlayer();

    Apperently this one doesnt have an direct event.getPlayer()

    We also dont know why since we arent the one that made the API

    Hope this helps
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    He wants to know why, not how to get the player...
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    Does no one reads the Java docs any more?
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    I do :p

    So for those who don't. All "Player*Event" events have a getPlayer returning a Player. Apart from the death event having a getEntity returning a PlayerI once posted this on github but it got removed because it would break things. But this is
    1) Bad documentating
    2) Bad method naming

    public Player getEntity()
    Description copied from class: EntityEvent
    Returns the Entity involved in this event

    getEntity in class EntityDeathEvent
    Entity who is involved in this event
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    event.getEntity() returns a player. Calling getPlayer() on a player is completely pointless. That method is inherited from OfflinePlayer, where it has an actual use, but in Player it just returns the instance you already have. Neither of you seemed to actually read the OP, and the second one didn't even seem to notice the first's post. And both of you call getPlayer() on a player. If you can't read the OP, read the posts, and give information that isn't a terrible idea, please don't respond to threads.

    @OP The PlayerDeathEvent overrides the EntityDeathEvent. So, the getEntity() method overrides the superclass's getEntity() method. Simple as that.
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    That, i didnt know... thaught i had it right. Well, learned something new today
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