Filled Player vs Player damage modifier plugin

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by coolblack, Mar 11, 2023.

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    Plugin category: PvP

    Minecraft version: 1.7-1.8 (or only 1.8)

    Suggested name: PvPDamageManager

    What I want: A plugin with a config and a command, where you can set a damage modifier for player damage.

    Config example:
    damage-modifier: 1.15

    If you want you could make the configuration item independent.
    BOW: 1.05
    GOLD_AXE: 1.2
    (or with item ids if its easier)

    Ideas for commands:
    If you do the 1st example /pdm set (decimal x.xx)
    If you do the 2nd example /pdm set (item) (decimal x.xx)
    /damage reload

    Ideas for permissions: damagemanager.admin (Allows you to modify damage with commands)
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    Native Version: Tested with 1.8.8 (will probably work on newer/older versions as well)
    Permission: pdm.admin
    Implemented everything you asked (anticipates ENUMS not IDs although can use both if wanted)
    • /pdm set <modifier>
    • /pdm set <item> <modifier>
    • /pdm reload
    Alias is /damage
    If you encounter any issues let me know. Suggestions are welcome too.
    I didn't add a reset modifier command, I can if you want. If you no longer want a modifier just remove the item from the config.

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    Its perfect, thanks.
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    Hey again. I was looking over the code and realized I made a small mistake. The previous download's if-statement was an 'and' statement instead of an 'or' statement - which means that the damage modifier works for non-player entities as well. You mentioned you only want this to work for players so I have fixed it in this next download. Sorry about that.

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