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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by scarabcoder, Jan 2, 2015.

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    I want a plugin that turns compasses called "Tracker" that points to a player. Every time it is right clicked with, it will switch to another player on the server.

    No permissions, or config.
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  2. Interesting! I would like to get a plugin like this too! Anyone?
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    Actually, I did find a plugin that fits my needs, but I still would rather have the one I suggested.

    The thing is, I want two player teams on my server, but an ordinary tracker plugin would track the closest player, which would normally be your teammate. This isn't what I want, I want any player to track an enemy player. But this plugin tracks any player in a 30 block limit, which would normally not track a teammate, since they would be together.

    But I would still like to allow players to track whatever player they like.
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    @scarabcoder if there are teams, would it be included in the plugin itself? Or would it tie with some other sort of plugin, if so, please list it to help whoever may decide to develop this plugin.
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    @Rockdude_ Nah, it wouldn't be tied with any team related plugins.
    Though maybe could you add an option in the config to have it tie with scoreboard teams?
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    @scarabcoder dude, nothing about teams were said in your description if you didn't find the similar plugin, we wouldn't of know about the teams
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    @XgXXSnipz I know, but I would like teams now that I think about it. I never had anything specific in mind when I first posted this.
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    We need to know how these teams are set up if we are going to do anything about them. Or would you rather it just loop through all players?
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    @TopTobster5 Sorry. I want the tracker not to track players in the same team.
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    Yes, but is there an external plugin handling teams? Are you using the minecraft score board teams, or do you want that feature built into this plugin?
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