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    There's one plugin that I think could benefit many servers.
    Basically, players will be able to post a Status Message, i.e. /status <message>.
    Then to see the most recent status updates, a user could use /timeline and it would display (page-by-page) the most recent status messages. Alternatively, /timeline time:24h could pull 24 hours of status messages, and so on. Also, /timeline user:<username> could pull a specific user's statuses.

    This could also be used as a form of AFK. For instance, /afkstatus <status> would set you as AFK (maybe tied into popular plugins like Essentials, but also stand-alone). There could also be an option for a busy message such as /busystatus <status>. This could be useful for Admins/Moderators especially.

    An additional option would be a name-detection option for AFK and Busy statuses, where if a player's name is mentioned in chat, or messaged, their status is displayed (but ONLY for AFK and BUSY players).

    Additional commands could be made for Admins/Mods to control other statuses as necessary.

    Permissions examples:

    There could even possibly an option for Geo-tagging with coordinates/world name/region name (worldguard/towny/factions), and maybe even a Dynmap extension that shows a status message with players.

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