Player-Specific Ender Chest

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    I know this is a bit early, but considering the mojang crew basically said they won't be making ender chests player specific, I'll put it out here anyway.

    I'd love to see Ender Chests able to be claimed by a player effectively making it a storage they can use anywhere, or a delivery box, etc. Chest inventories can be handled like the multiverse inventories, simply with separate yml files per character.

    I'm thinking the best use for this would be similar to lockette, but that may be because we use lockette on our server.

    A feature I would request within this plugin is one where you can set a chest to 'delivery' mode where right clicking with an item held will put that item in the chest, but not open it and be able to touch it's contents.

    I would work on it myself if I had any amount of java programming at all, but I don't. =)
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    This plugin was released the other day in the Plugin Submission forum.
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    Ah, I see. I seemed to have missed that. Everyone's one step ahead of me most of the time anyway. =p

    Thanks! =)
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    Not a problem!

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