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    Plugin category: DevTools maybe

    Suggested name: Whatever, not creative on these things

    What I want:

    I was thinking of a plugin where a certain amount of variables can be combined to form sort of a raw score or rating which can be used to rank a player against other members on the server. The rating would be calculated by some mathematical calculations.

    Specifically, I was hoping for the variables to be
    • PvP kills,
    • PvP Deaths,
    • Diamonds found,
    • Golden Apples Made,
    • Golden Apples Eaten,
    • Visits to Nether
    I don't know if obtaining all these variables is possible, which is why I made this post.

    Ideas for commands:
    • /leaderboard: displays the top 10 leaderboard
    • /myrank: displays your rank and rating
    • /rank playerName: if it is possible to display someone elses rank
    Ideas for permissions: No ideas yet

    Leaderbord display in chat would be like:
    1. Player 1 (Rating)
    2. Player 2 (Rating)
    3. Player 3 (Rating)

    I have been trying to develop this but I am not that well-versed in Java yet as I only know basics.
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    I was wanting some thing Like this too. but i also wanted to go one bit further and have the plugin create a page like dynmap does with the players listed and maybe some search box idk that may be a bit too complex for the webpage.
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    so have you attempted doing this or no?
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    The first three words in my first reply answer that question..
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    Lolmewn (<3) his Stats plugin does this.
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    Yep! <3
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    uh no it don't it requires a webserver and a ton of screwing around to get setup.

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