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    I know theres already a lot of Party plugins, but they don't work the way i want to. And if one of them do, i would like a link to it :3

    Suggested name: PlayerParties

    What I want: So some of you must know the Hypixel server, Mineplex and servers that have the option to do parties with other players, I would like that happens the same as in the Mineplex server, easy, fast and done. I would also like the option in the Config to enable player damage between the party members, and when the party leader executes a command, the rest of the party members do the same! :D

    Ideas for commands: /party (This will bring a menu in the chat with more options like, create, join, leave, and kick someone of the party-)

    Ideas for permissions: No perms :)

    Thanks to the bukkit DEVS :ยท

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