player.getHealth() 1.6.2 problem

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by A5H73Y, Jul 12, 2013.

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        public void onPlayerDamageEvent(EntityDamageEvent event){
            if (!(event.getEntity() instanceof Player)){
            Player player = (Player)event.getEntity();
            if (player.getHealth() <= event.getDamage()) {
    The player.getHealth() errors, but when I look for possible arguments .getHealth() is available but when chosen errors xD

    Can I have some help please?
    Thanks :)
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    To complete what he says cause it's not enough informations, (I have the same problem) when we do player.getHealth() in 1.6.2 with "craftbukkit-1.6.2-R0.1-20130714.003518-7" it says "The method getHealth() is ambiguous for the type Player" because there is actually player.getHealth() that returns an int AND player.getHealth() which returns a double even if the int version is qualified as deplecated.
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    I haven't quiet figured out how it all works, but that's the only solution I've got right now:

    1. ((CraftPlayer) player).getHandle().getHealth();
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    Wrong section, i thing this suppose to be in plugin development

    Requesting the change of this thread category necrodoom
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    report the thread, dont tag moderators, please.
    anyway, moved.
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