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    I really want to have it so that a player drops a gold nugget upon death, that's it, no other requests, I've been looking for custom drop plugins all over the web and can't find any capable of doing this extremely simple task - PLEASE! all I want is someone to point me in the direction of a plugin that can do this (BTW I can't find a suitable tutorial for "OtherDrops" and the syntax is baffling to me)
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    That is it? Does it still drop the old stuff?
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    Well in my case I have the keepInventory gamerule enabled, so they would just be dropping the ingot while keeping their inventory - I want to use this for an arena that I have with my friends, the gold nugget would be so that after amassing enough kills one would be able to go trade with customized villagers for better equipment, potions, etc.
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    Did you actually request help on OtherDrops thread? Many people actively watch that thread including myself to help people.

    For otherdrops it would be this:
            - tool: ANY
              drop: GOLD_NUGGET
              quantity: 1
              chance: 100
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    And where would I insert this line of code?
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    I would suggest creating a new .yml file in your otherdrops folder and putting it there, example configs are generated in the folder so just follow the layout of those. Be sure to enable your new config file in otherdrops-drops.yml
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    Try Eco Creature. it can edit the drops of players and has a very user friendly editableconfig.
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    Thanks all, I've got it sorted out - who woulda thought tht the forums would actually yield answers ;)
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    I know that you sorted it out, but if you want to, try DropSwap.

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