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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Zilacon, Feb 26, 2013.

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    Would it be possible for someone to make a plugin that does 1 of the 2 scenarios below:

    Imports all player data into a SQL table from the world folders and only accesses that data when the player logs in and the server requires it. Also prevents the world from generating player data files in the world folders to prevent build up of player data over time.​


    Deletes all player data on the 1st of the month using server time (CentOS 6.3 Linux)​

    I would really prefer the first option as it would make it so no player data gets deleted and it will make almost no load on the server since there is no player data files to load into memory. Also having this in a database will make deleting by date via PHPMyAdmin very easy if needed.

    Having it set to retrieve the data from the database when needed is also a good feature as it is not constantly reading/writing to those files.

    The plugin should connect using advanced connection information (not a link to connect):
    Host: localhost
    Database: data
    User: user
    Pass: *****

    If anyone could make this you are awesome! If its not possible please let me know.
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