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    Minecraft version: 1.15.2+

    Suggested name: Simpleclans

    What I want:
    I'd like a plugin that allows players to form their own groups. It does not need to claim land or do anything like that as we already have a claim plugin. Users can only have ONE clan at a time.

    All users can create clans and have access to clan commands.

    When clan chat is activated it should look like this
    &0[&9&lClanChat&0] [Essentials Nickname {Or username if there is no nickname}] &7» &9Text

    &0[&9&lClanChat&0] &fGh0stKitty &7» &9This is a clan chat message!

    Ideas for commands:
    /Clan Create [ClanName]
    - Allows you to create a clan.
    /Clan GiveOwner [Username] - Allows you to give ownership of your clan to another user
    /Clan Invite [Username] - Invite a certain user to your clan.
    /Clan Accept [ClanName] - Accept A Clan Invite
    /Clan Deny [ClanName] - Deny An Invite Request
    /Clan Chat OR /CC - This activates clan chat. In order to exit clan chat the user must run the command again. [USER MUST HAVE AT LEAST 500 MINUTES OF PLAYTIME BEFORE USING THIS COMMAND] Users in the clan should be able to see all clan messages. this only allows the user to send clan chat messages.
    /Clan Delete - This allows the owner of the clan to delete their clan. Should pop up a second message saying "&cThis will delete your clan forever! If you'd like to continue type &4/Clan Delete Confirm&c."
    This can also be used by admin perm users to delete a clan. If a clan has been deleted by an admin the user who owned the clan cannot create another clan unless an admin runs the below command.

    /Clan Allow {User}
    - Allow a user to create clans again.
    /Clan Deny {User} - Deny a user access to creating a clan.
    /Clan Join Deny {User} - Deny a user access to join clans.
    /Clan SS - This should allow the user with admin permissions ability to see all clan chat messages.
    /Clan SS {Clan} - This should do the same as above but will allow the admin to select a certain clan to view messages of.
    /Clan List - This lists all clans. It should display like this in chat. There should be five listed per page. The oldest clans should be shown first and youngest clans shown last.
    §1§l «§9§l§m*-------------------------------------*§1§l»

    §9§l{ClanName} §1§l> §9{OwnerUsername} §1§l> §7{ClanAgeInMinutes}
    §9§l{ClanName} §1§l> §9{OwnerUsername} §1§l> §7{ClanAgeInMinutes}
    §9§l{ClanName} §1§l> §9{OwnerUsername} §1§l> §7{ClanAgeInMinutes}
    §9§l{ClanName} §1§l> §9{OwnerUsername} §1§l> §7{ClanAgeInMinutes}
    §9§l{ClanName} §1§l> §9{OwnerUsername} §1§l> §7{ClanAgeInMinutes}

    §9§oPage [1/2]

    §1§l «§9§l§m*-------------------------------------*§1§l»
    [Can use /Clan list # for more pages if there are more pages available]

    Ideas for permissions:
    Clans.Admin - Give Admin Command Permissions

    When I'd like it by: 4/1/20 at the latest!
    If possible please allow a customization config file so i can change coloration/format of messages and clan chat.
    Please also have a log file for all clan messages sent. If possible have a LOGS file with separate files inside with Clan chat log files.
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    I might try it; we'll see. If I do try it, it'll be done before 4/1/20.
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    Alright! If it takes a bit longer don't worry ^^
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