Placing TNT without permissions!?!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by x66dme66x, Oct 17, 2011.

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    My server has bPermissions and WorldGuard. Yet a normal member (not able to use tnt) placed and destroyed things with tnt. they dont have access to worldedit so they couldnt have //set blocks as tnt either. And nothing else on the server to be able to place tnt. The user did say something a few days ago about a glitch to be able to place TNT but i blew it off thinking they were lying about it. Does anyone know about this and know of a fix and how it works?
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    Use essentials, eseentials allows a function for restricted items to have, and restricted items to place :)
    so, they cant have tnt in their inventory and even if they did manage to have it and they tried to place it down, essentials just removes it again and places it back in their inventory. So that way it has no use for them at all.
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    I do have essentials. and i do have restricted through worldguard and bPerms to make it so only certain groups can use TNT. the person who did it only said that they set off the tnt with a pressure plate. didnt say how they went about placing it.
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    Is your Essentials config set up like this?

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    # Users cannot PLACE these types of blocks/items.
    # < 255 designates a BLOCK
    # > 255 designates an ITEM (Some blocks can be placed as blocks OR items; lava blocks can be placed by lava buckets, for example.)
    placement: 07,46
    usage: 46
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    indeed, if you Essentials config is set up correctly, there's no way they can place the block, not even when bpermissions or worldguard allows them to.
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