Place and Own. A Simple Structure Claiming Plugin.

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    By simple, I mean for the players.

    Place and Own
    I was hoping for a plugin where players can use a command to begin claiming the ownership of a placed block(s) and all of it's area from top to the lowest block placed, or down to the bedrock if it makes this any easier. However, I do imagine at some point another player might come across under a structure and would be unable to mine deep underneath of it. A waste of resource. In addition to this, there should be a rule that requires the player to placed a minimum # of block together that the admin should be able to configure, within the z and x-axis regardless of the y-axis, for the players to actually register the ownership once they close/end the claiming command. Failure to do so should give them the ability to continue or use a cancelling command.
    /pluginname claim
    /pluginame register
    /pluginname cancel

    There should be a config for the admins to placing a fee for registering ownership over each y-axis not charging for blocks placed on top of one another.

    Other Permissions
    Admins should be able to choose how many areas a player or player groups can claim and register.
    As mentioned above, admins should be able to configure the minimum number of blocks together in order to claim and register. There should also be an option to configure the maximum amount of space. If there is no economy plugins or the fee is set too low, the world could get really messed up I think.

    Additional Commands
    Similar to Towny, owners of a particular claimed area should be able to add other players as a resident or a friend while everyone else are considered outsiders. However, when a resident makes enough in game currency and begins claiming their own area, they should automatically become a friend. Like Towny, these 3 groups should have and not have functions such as to build or destroy, to use and/or switch.
    /pluginname add resident johndoe
    /pluginname remove friend johndoe
    /pluginame perm outsider build off
    /pluginname perm resident destroy on
    /pluginname pvp off

    Axis reference

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