Placable cobwebs with timer

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by CommanderSponge, Feb 6, 2015.

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    Hi im wondering if anyone will make me a plugin where players can place cobwebs and the cobweb will disappear after a Configurable amount of time
    also for it to have a permission to allow players to place Cobwebs and only Cobwebs!
    Thanks in advance!
  2. So you want to disable placing blocks other than cobwebs
    And if they do place a cobweb, remove it after a configurable amount of time?
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    @Neonix I don't think you really need to manage other blocks, just cobwebs but that's the idea I guess.
  4. @au2001 He said "also for it to have a permission to allow players to place Cobwebs and only Cobwebs!"
    I'm not sure if he wants me to remove placing other blocks..
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    Exactly! that would be perfect if you could do that!!!
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    I'll do this once I get home
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    I'll do this right now ;)

    Okay, finished: Download

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    AWESOME!!! Few things though can you make the message say it will be removed in 30 seconds and also when i deop my self and try to place it in a world gaurded area it Says I don't have permission any way to fix that?

    Edit: I figured out the message. Just having an issue with the World Gaurd
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    I'm making the ability to change the message in the config right now ;)

    New Version (0.2): Download (with editable messages)

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    I don't know how to allow players to only place cobwebs im using worldgaurd :l
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    I use world gaurd to protect my server so players can't place blocks so the cobweb plugin won't work unless they are able to place cobwebs is there any way to let them place CobWebs Only and not break/place anything else? PS my servers practice pvp
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    I believe in his plugin, unless you have the correct permission, you can't break/place anything other than cobwebs. You should be able to allow destroying in the location you want players to place web, and it should work.

    That's if I understand your request correctly.
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