Filled pixel-drawing directly on blocks over texture?

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    Hello guys,
    this idea came to while watching documentary about cave paintings, and i was wondering if it would be possible (technicaly) to do in minecrat. Or if it has been already done.. didnt find.

    So just very simple to begin with, clicking block with for example coal would bring up grid 16x16 where player would click pixels he would like to paint black. This would aply over the texture of the block. Would work best with default skin probably, but thats just matter of cosmetic issue i think.

    Was just wondering how difficult would that be.. if it would be simple plugin or mod? on client or server side?
    thx for your time
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Hornik_Honza This would be an mod, I suggest that you ask for it on the minecraftforums
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    thx sir for your input, will learn smthing about mods and post it there!
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    Hornik_Honza Please mark the thread as filled, top right corner of the first post: thread tools

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