Pistons that move Bedrock

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  1. Can Anyone create a plugin that allows pistons to move Bedrock or/and Obsidian?
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    I second this request (at least the Obsidian part). I would really like to see at least a special piston that a server admin could create that would move Obsidian. That way, I could make my vault entirely out of obsidian rather than the using stone or (even lamer) reskinned sponge.
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    Granted, it could be done. But it wouldnt include the smooth animation that the piston includes with other blocks. Unless, by some miracle, that is server side (and we get access to it in CraftBukkit)
  4. Is there a way you can contact the creators?
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    who? mojang?
  6. explenation of smooth block movement: in your client there has to be a seperate special kind of "animation" of a moving block, and since you cant move bedrock or obsidian, notch didnt bother to make an "animation" for them.
    the only way for them to move is by teleporting.
  7. Ok can anyone make it?
  8. Bump. (Again)

    The plugin I mean.

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    Because of this, I will not make this plugin. You just ruined the day for everyone by turning away a potential dev. Please be more respectful, plugin developers are not your slaves.
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    Haha, learn to have some respect dude. Pay them money to make the plugin and you have every right to yell at them. Right now, you don't have any.

    Go make it youself then, everyone thinks it's easy, then they try and fail at the 2nd line of code. I'll be watching the submission forum for your release then :)
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    He needs to gain respect, he doesn't have a bloody clue, hes a bloody shambles, not a bloody clue I tell you, Will he manage to do it? Fuck no, Even I cant, Why?? Piston extend isnt even bloody called with bedrock/more than 12 blocks, so good luck to you, If your going to be arrogant, you wont get help, So do you really think you can program a whole redstone change event searching for pistons, getting there direction, setting byte? Without any help, as a a first plugin?

    Get real
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    Il see about it. Might do it today
  13. An elegant solution to this would be to catch the onPlayerInteract event, check if it is a lever/button or redstone related and then create some form of pathfinding algorithm to find if the end block is a piston, if so then if it is bedrock maybe you could fore it to move. Or maybe Bukkit would be kind enough to get the event to fire and then just cancel it if it's bedrock or something, this could be overriden by a plugin.

    But that probably means editing Notch code but I don't know :p
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    Goddamn that shits hard as fuck, but your right,I was being a dick, and I shouldnt have acted like that, im sorry guys. I should have thought about what I was saying....
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    Dont worry, just dont do it again,
    @Adamki11s heard of the onBlockRedstoneChangeEvent?
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    i made a client side version for SP if you want to test it though...
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    Did you try BukkitPiston?
  18. Yes but when I played around with it I could get the block it led to.
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    I just saw this on YouTube:

    Minecraft: How to Move Obsidian w/ Pistons

    Apparently, the guy made a SP mod to move obsidian with pistons. I don't know if this will help anyone looking to develop a bukkit plugin, but it shows that it is possible in SP and I thought it would contribute to the thread.
  20. Client side behavior is a completely different concept :p
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    I didn't know if it would help or not, so I posted it. Evidently it was the latter.:rolleyes:

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