Piston Head "Shields"; Used to block attacks.

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    I'd like players to be able to use shields. The shields would be piston heads (item id 34), and players would left click with them to use them. After clicking, the player would be "blocking" (only from the front) with the shield for 1 second. However the effect would end faster if the player switched the item they were holding to something else. This means that any damage from the front would be reduced, arrows would "bounce" off. Each use of the shield would cost some hunger, while actual blocks would cost durability. The shield's durability would be displayed in its name (I assume it isn't possible to display custom durability for an item like this in the traditional way); the name would change as the durability changes; "Shield (7/25)". I'd like some visual show of when the shield is blocking and when it isn't. Maybe that green particle effect that villagers get when you trade with them. Also after a successful block, there should be a sound. Once the last durability is wasted, the item would disappear.

    -crafting recipe for the piston head (default: ??)
    -name of the piston head (default: Shield)
    -durability of the shield (default: 25)
    -damage reduction from successful block, in percent (default: 100)
    -max damage reduction from successful block (default: 10)
    -block time in seconds (default: 1)
    -hunger cost per block attempt (default: .1 hunger bar)

    Any thoughts? Could anyone do this?
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    From my knowledge you can't make crafting recipes with Bukkit without client and server mods.
    I think you can change names (seen it done)
    I believe durability is possible
    Damage reduction, probably adding back the percent of the damage you wish to keep
    Max damage reduction and block time are do-able
    Not sure about hunger pretty sure hunger decimals can be .5 or .0.

    I need my first plugin to be simpler. Sorry, BUMP.
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    You can add crafting recipes.
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    You can make custom crafting recipes.
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    Btw, how do you hook up dev.bukkit.org profile to forums profile

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    Tommy: not relevant, as elsewhere.

    To the plugin: presuming you are able to get the front itself as an object, then I think this is entirely possible.

    Also nice idea, kudos.
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    Thanks. Yes it is possible, it is item ID 34. You can try /give to test it in creative mode.
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    When do you need this?(can't remember if it's at the top or not, and cba to scroll - on phone).

    If its not urgent I will seriously look into this, I haven't made plugins in yonks because I've been running a server, so ill have a go, but I would try to get someone more skilled to make one too!:p
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    can be really cool if you can add instead the potion effect, the villager particles, and some sounds
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    Added sound effects as well as villager particles
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    Thanks to this post, someone made this a plugin: RealisticSheilds. (I can't post links, I'm on my phone.)

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