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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Nickbbeezy, Nov 9, 2012.

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    For the past week or so my players have been experiencing random lag on their ends. It's causing all sorts of problems with my plugins like Nocheatplus detecting them as hackers since they're all lagging which causing them to get kicked, warned, or even temp banned for trying to break or place blocks while lagging or trying to use commands while lagging.

    I'm not sure on what's causing the lag at all since I'm not running any intensive plugins in my opinion. I've ran 4 different Nolagg examine test, if you'd like to view those, I've included a .zip file download on this thread.


    You can view my Worldguard report here for more server details: http://pastebin.com/jL0St7KZ

    The lag issues just started and it usually happens at random and goes away after I run a server restart.

    A friend of mine took a picture of his lag meter and:

    I've pretty much tried every troubleshooting technique I can think of. This has been happening for about a week I'd say. I've had this same server setup since the first 1.4.2 Bukkit release and I wasn't experiencing any problems then until now.

    Other details:
    Using a 1G port connection
    4GB ram allocated towards server

    Any help or suggestions?

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    @Nickbbeezy really nice post! When I see those examines then the NoLagg AutoSave is causing huge spikes sometimes that may be that issue. You can disable this under ./plugins/NoLagg/config.yml :
      enabled: false
    (If you need an auto saver then schedule save-all or use an other plugin. You could also use CraftBukkit for autosave [bukkit.yml].

    And here some other performance tips for you:
    - If you want you can try out the latest NC+ build with better performance: http://nocheatplus.org:8080/job/NoCheatPlus/
    - You can remove SpamGuard and AntiRelog. NoCheat+ already does that for you.
    - Disable the LWC magnet under ./plugins/LWC/magnet.yml
    - If you just need default vanish then you can drop VanishNoPacket and just use the Essentials inbuild one.
    If so then try to examine exactly at that time the lag begins or
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    Thanks for the reply! I've gone ahead and disabled Nolagg saving. I've also gotten rid of Antirelog, VNP, and Spamguard. Already using the latest NCP Dev builds as well as LWC with magnets disabled. Going to run the server like this for an hour or two and monitor it closely.

    I'll post here with a new examine report as soon detect anything out of the ordinary.

    If anyone else has any tips, don't hesitate to post them.
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    Now plugin MobEffects cause the spike.. hmmm.
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    Disabled it since you posted almost an hour ago, haven't experienced any problems since. I'll monitor it for another hour or two with the players on just to be sure. Right now it's looking good though.
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    Ok so, the lag issue came back. I had 3 friends of mine all monitor their ping times and they all had ping times over 10,000 ms. This was without ANY plugins on the server, so at this point I'm not sure on what to do..

    We've finally narrowed it down to the world we're using. Now to figure out how that could cause connection lag.

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